I don’t know whether it was on purpose or simply accident but, nevertheless, I thank you for landing on my blog, Delirious Antidotes.

Back in 2012, when everything had a gradient overlay, I ventured into the blogging world with my first ever blog Opinionated Duck. It had the purpose of becoming a place for me to share my opinions on life and issues that I came in contact with but it grew to be something much, much more. It became my creative outlet.

Late 2014, I had grown up considerably and developed my talents as a writer and blogger in the time that I had started. For me, the next step was to start fresh. I was growing up and, with that, so were my thoughts and ideas. Alas, Delirious Antidotes was born.

Since then, I’ve ventured further than the blogging world and have found myself engrossed in the world of creative entrepreneurship. I run a photography and graphic design business and teach photography, design and creative entrepreneurship online.

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