I don’t know whether it was on purpose or simply accident but, nevertheless, I thank you for landing on my blog, Delirious Antidotes. Feel free to refer to me as SJ. (I value Internet safety, hence the pseudonym.)

Back in 2012, when everything had a gradient overlay, I ventured into the blogging world with my first ever blog Opinionated Duck. It had the purpose of becoming a place for me to share my opinions on life and issues that I came in contact with but it grew to be something much, much more. It became my creative outlet.

Late 2014, I had grown up considerably and developed my talents as a writer and blogger in the time that I had started. For me, the next step was to start fresh. I was growing up and, with that, so were my thoughts and ideas. Alas, Delirious Antidotes was born.

A Little Bit About Me

For a writer, I find writing these “about” pages far too difficult because I am yet to truly discover who I am myself. Also, the very idea of believing that others are interested in learning about yourself seems very self-obsessed. Nevertheless, I know that I enjoy a witty or interesting “about” section from time to time, hence I have attempted one here.

Disclaimer: Despite connotations of the above statement, this “about” section will not be “witty” nor will it be “interesting”. Brace yourself.

My old blog was called Opinionated Duck. I ran it for just over two years and it’s still live.

My favourite animal is a duck. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

I’m a designer. Graphic design, web design/development and illustration are passions of mine.

I am musically inept. Although I love listening to music (in particular bands!), I am not musically talented in the slightest.

I despise Comic Sans. You should have seen that coming.

I’m a geek. 

You Actually Read This Far?

If you’ve read this far, I must not be as boring as I seem. No, in all seriousness, I commend you. It was an awfully long introduction, even I am one to admit. Despite this, feel free to browse through my posts and interact in my comments. Sharing my posts would be terribly kind of you also, should you wish to. Of course, I’ll return the favour if you ask it of me.

A list of my favourite posts here.


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