The Future of Broadcast

As the library of online content is becoming more vast and accessible and social networking is changing the way we think, where is the future of broadcasting? With online video websites, in particular YouTube, becoming people’s preferred broadcast platform, is online video┬áthe future of television?

The sheer growth of YouTube over the previous few years was somewhat astounding and startling at the least. With the evidence of this growth, it’s easy to assume that online video will soon become the overall preferred broadcast platform. This may be due to it’s ability to attract such a wide audience and it’s social networking integration which allows a video to be shared across a multitude of platforms in the click of a button and for the audience to directly interact with the creators. In the past couple of years in particular, we have seen other media outlets such as Vine and Snapchat also gaining a large following which is additional evidence that online video is perhaps the way forward.

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