Early evening, the sun sets. Dark silhouettes invade the pink sky. Coating the swing with paper, but the water still seeps through.


Complain about the friends and gossip about the enemies. Whisper tales of the past and scream stories of the future. Sneeze, cough, laugh.

Swing higher.

Let’s talk about why bad things happen to good people. Let’s discuss why the people with the most promise are often thrown life’s biggest hurdles. Tell me why the greatest people in this world rarely ever notice how great they really are. Continue reading Swing


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This is a foggy world and with my cold hands I explore it’s lack of substance; searching for that question, that answer, that thing that resonates with me.

These secret hours of the night whisper a dark enigma that only we can understand. But we’re not sure if the glass is half empty or half full. We’re not sure if Van Gogh represents a starry night or a bloodied ear. We’re not even sure if we’re dumb, or just numb. Continue reading Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful- (1)Just over two years ago, on my previous blog, I posted an article discussing whether or not homework was harmful or helpful after I carried out a series of surveys. I have decided to re-write the said post.

There’s something about homework that is incredibly unappealing. Perhaps it’s because extra work or revision is the last thing you want to do upon arriving home after a six hour day of, well, exactly that – work and revision. But, is homework as harmful as you might expect? In fact, is it even as helpful as you might expect?

As a young person who attends school myself, homework can become one of the biggest inconveniences. Most days I am at school from eight until five, attending extra-revision sessions as my final exams come up. Let it be said that I have no problem with having to complete coursework at home because it will 100% benefit me. I also have no problem with revising, sitting practice exams or completing work that is related to what we are learning, because I will reap the reward. The most frustrating thing of all is when you are given homework that has absolutely no relation to class work or exam preparation.

I haven’t been in high school in quite some time, but I remember often being frustrated at how much homework I was assigned – particularly since I was a good student who usually understood the information I was given the first time I received it. The exception to that was math, and it was the only class where I actually requested more homework because I needed the practice. Lili

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What Does It Mean To Be Young?

Originally posted on Opinionated Duck

What does it mean to be young? Is it to be born after a certain date? Is it to think that thirty is old? Or, is it a feeling of infinity?

To be young can be defined by more than one action, more than one feeling, because it is more than one thing.

It is your love of walking barefoot across the grass; the new carpet; the sand. The carefree attitude in which the feeling of the world touching your skin is the most natural and most beautiful of all sensations.

It is our craving for direction but our hesitance in following the paths that we are shown. Our contradictive nature in which we dismiss what we want to be shown once we are shown it, what we want to hear once we hear it, what we want once we have it.

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