Why I changed my mind about Twitter

Since I stopped blogging I’ve really fallen in love with Twitter. Firstly, it was for the networking opportunities. In the business I’m in (photography & design), networking is one of the most essential ingredients to success: your contacts are the people you rely on to make things happen. Continue reading Why I changed my mind about Twitter


Maths is trending on twitter…

Reports were released late May that the new maths GCSE papers would be rewritten after being found too difficult. Having sat the Edexcel Non-Calculator Exam just a few hours ago, I fear they might have forgotten to rewrite the second half. And I’m not alone.

Whilst I found the paper generally not too taxing, it doesn’t seem to be the common conception. #EdexcelMaths is trending on twitter and the reactions and frustrations of teens nationwide are quickly going viral.

I’ve ranted about the examination system a lot in the past and I think this is an adequate example of why it doesn’t work. Whilst it’s evident that maths questions are meant to test a person’s problem solving ability alongside their mathematical ability, it is not a comprehension exam. Simply giving the equation would test a person’s mathematical ability far better than it would to suffocate the equation in a cloud of meaningless back story. Likewise, the relevance of what is taught in maths – an exam that requires a pass in just to go onto further education, regardless of whether or not maths is a subject you want to continue to study – is difficult to find. This has clearly been expressed in many of the tweets currently going viral. Let’s take, for example, calculating the probability of a person picking an orange sweet and expressing this by proving an algebraic equation — how are the two linked in any shape, way or form? Continue reading Maths is trending on twitter…