Thoughts, about nothing in particular.

I’m often astounded by people; both negatively and positively. Unfortunately, for a long while, I’ve been astounded by people’s negative tendencies and ability to act so selfishly and show little remorse. Likely because this is something I’ve been witness too more often than I’d like to have been, and if you know me well then you will most probably understand the connections I am making here. If you don’t know me well, the same unfortunately still exists in a more universal sense too: in everyday life, most people act selfishly. Continue reading Thoughts, about nothing in particular.


We Are Insignificant

We are insignificant; a drop in a sea of people. A sea of approximately seven billion people, to be more precise. This occurs to be every now and then, in strange and bizarre moments. As I read the comment section of The Daily Post¬†and notice how many other blogs there are, this concept is evident. My blog is lost in this vast array of other blogs – some very different to mine, some much more exciting than mine, and some very similar but just a lot better written than mine; essentially, my “competition”. Continue reading We Are Insignificant