drink me.

She reaches for it.

It doesn’t so much as say “drink me” but it taunts her nevertheless.

This will be it. Her last drink. Again. Continue reading drink me.



And I fell; deeper into the darkness, deeper into his arms. I should have known that everything that falls ends up broken. Continue reading Fracture


6736D67B17The rise and fall of your breathing is as soothing as the sound of the tide, but I’m not ignorant to the concept that I’m fishing in troubled waters. I took your bait and jumped straight into the deep end; now I’m drowning. Despite this, there’s still a comfort this deep into the water; intertwined with the kelp, this is home – but, I’ll reluctantly admit that it’s time to swim to the surface. Continue reading Drought

Burn, baby

Found on tumblr

She was hidden, disguised, camouflaged by the branches. The cold licked her face and crept beneath her thin attire, seeping through her skin. Lips tainted purple, she watched from above as the group dispersed throughout the forest.

The forest that once felt alive now weeped in the absence of it’s leaves; habitat, it seemed, to only the people who found pleasure in bonfires and camping off-bounds; people who couldn’t care less about trees.

With no longer a palpable reason to exist, the forest didn’t thrive as it had done in it’s youth, but Laura still found the same peace and simplicity in the trees as she always had. She watched the group – little older than her, maybe even the same age – organise themselves in clusters to mark out the points in which their camp would begin within this most desolate part of the woods. Continue reading Burn, baby