Thoughts, about nothing in particular.

I’m often astounded by people; both negatively and positively. Unfortunately, for a long while, I’ve been astounded by people’s negative tendencies and ability to act so selfishly and show little remorse. Likely because this is something I’ve been witness too more often than I’d like to have been, and if you know me well then you will most probably understand the connections I am making here. If you don’t know me well, the same unfortunately still exists in a more universal sense too: in everyday life, most people act selfishly. Continue reading Thoughts, about nothing in particular.


Something that can only be described

I think I’m learning more about myself. I’m learning how to navigate the mind map which has baffled me for the last sixteen years and although I’m nowhere near taking the shortcuts and venturing down the back alleys, I’m beginning to trust these main roads.

Sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts that I confuse what’s in my mind with reality. A ten minute bus journey is all it takes for something to trigger a particular thought pattern and an entire series of events that are severely unlikely to happen will unfold within the depth of my mind. What is this? My imagination? Because I was taught that your imagination would help you design that story that your English teacher loves, but what I’m talking about just can’t be forced. Continue reading Something that can only be described

Twenty Sixteen

Back when I still blogged on my first blog, I tried to blog using a schedule. I found that it had it’s pros but, with anything, also had it’s cons. You see, for as long as I can remember, in all walks of life, my biggest struggle has been staying motivated. When I start a new project, or re-involve myself with a past project, the flame is very much alive and I am dedicated – almost entirely to the point that it dictates my life – for days, weeks and sometimes months. But when that flame burns out, I’ve always struggled in relighting it.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you might have seen evidence of this. As many of you may know, I am currently a student but I also run a freelance graphic design, art and photography business. In managing my time, I can sometimes go weeks without posting on this blog, because I’m too involved in my freelance work or my studies, and the same goes for sometimes I’ll post here each day, but other elements of the equation therefore are let down. Continue reading Twenty Sixteen

new year – 3

How is it that 365 days can feel like much longer, yet also much shorter, than 365 days? How is it that mid-June could have easily been three years ago but early January is as vivid as yesterday? How is it that so much time could have passed and so many things could have happened without you really realising it at all?

I’ve sat down and tried to write this post on a number of occasions already but now that Christmas festivities are passing and the New Year is looming, I feel as if this is the opportune time to reflect on what has been 2015.

This past year has bought with it so many strong emotions that it could easily be considered both the best and worst year of my life, if that’s at all possible.

I’ve spent the last few days looking through pictures and videos of 2015. I’ve met some really wonderful people this year and had to let go of some too – but I’m not sure if the latter is a negative at all. I think, for me, 2015 will always be the year that has tested my friendships and relationships: either straining them, breaking them, strengthening them or making them. Continue reading new year – 3


Early evening, the sun sets. Dark silhouettes invade the pink sky. Coating the swing with paper, but the water still seeps through.


Complain about the friends and gossip about the enemies. Whisper tales of the past and scream stories of the future. Sneeze, cough, laugh.

Swing higher.

Let’s talk about why bad things happen to good people. Let’s discuss why the people with the most promise are often thrown life’s biggest hurdles. Tell me why the greatest people in this world rarely ever notice how great they really are. Continue reading Swing

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This is a foggy world and with my cold hands I explore it’s lack of substance; searching for that question, that answer, that thing that resonates with me.

These secret hours of the night whisper a dark enigma that only we can understand. But we’re not sure if the glass is half empty or half full. We’re not sure if Van Gogh represents a starry night or a bloodied ear. We’re not even sure if we’re dumb, or just numb. Continue reading Not All Who Wander Are Lost

We Are Insignificant

We are insignificant; a drop in a sea of people. A sea of approximately seven billion people, to be more precise. This occurs to be every now and then, in strange and bizarre moments. As I read the comment section of The Daily Post and notice how many other blogs there are, this concept is evident. My blog is lost in this vast array of other blogs – some very different to mine, some much more exciting than mine, and some very similar but just a lot better written than mine; essentially, my “competition”. Continue reading We Are Insignificant