15 Minutes of Fame

One of the coolest things about independent musicians is that they use the most innovative and engaging ideas to create, curate and share their music. From filming and recording their music wherever they can (or in sheds, like these Shed Sessions), to creating homemade music videos, some of the most authentic music – and indeed art – is created by independent musicians with the freedom and determination to do what they deem fit to promote their work.

11755739_916328261757161_6721612086923703958_nAngelique Rodrigues is a singer-songwriter and she is asking the public (that’s you!) to get involved with her most recent music video. Now, you don’t have to jump on a train to London or wear your Sunday best. Getting involved with this project simply consists of you sending pictures to Angelique of you and your partner or close friend and giving permission for these images to be used in her new music video.

Getting involved is simple. All you need to do is choose a couple of pictures (or videos) and send them to her via her Facebook. Alternatively, if you don’t have Facebook, you can email me them and I will forward them on.

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Seconds to End

Seconds to End are a band originally formed as a side project by Ben Sachs and Matt Torres in August of 2012 but there soon came a day where they decided that Seconds to End (S2E) was no longer “just a project”. Summer 2013 marked a new beginning for the Albuquerque founded electronicore band as they recruited Jimmy Galvan to be their drummer. This was the beginning of Seconds to End.

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A couple of years and several new tracks later, Seconds to End are releasing their second EP and they took time from their busy schedule to catch up with me for an interview.

Matt Torres of Seconds to End

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Matt Torres of Seconds to End.

Hey there; thanks for agreeing to this interview, have you any opening words?

We’re glad to interview with you! We are Seconds to End based out of Baltimore, Maryland and all about Electronic music as well as Post-Hardcore and love to put the two together.

Founded in 2012, Seconds to End have gathered an increasingly growing following over the last few years. Talk to me about the support you’ve received.

Seconds to End has been through quite a bit within the past few years from playing our first shows at local charity events and small venues to playing huge venues throughout New Mexico opening for huge acts like Being As An Ocean, Outline In Color, among others. The band has so far put out two EPs and a single since it was created and we plan to release much more in the future, while always striving to challenge ourselves with each release. The support we’ve received has been great locally, then we’ve moved up to social media promotion and have built a solid foundation using outlets such as Twitter and YouTube that have been helping grow our S2e family tremendously.

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Lancaster. You’ve probably heard of the city, but have you heard of the band?

Lancaster is an upcoming five piece rock band from Barcelona but their sound has been described as feeling very “at home in the current British rock scene.” Fortunate enough to have played gigs worldwide and even have upcoming shows supporting All Time Low and Lower Than Atlantis, Lancaster were kind enough to offer me an interview with vocalist Anth Alonso.

Hey guys; thanks for agreeing to this interview, have you any opening words?

So we are Lancaster, from Barcelona, Spain and we play rock music for fans of Young Guns, Mallory Knox, You Me At Six, All Time Low.

That’s pretty cool. Talk me through the band name, Lancaster?

Yes, we wanted to put something easy to remember, like a city name, then we found the city of Lancaster on the map and it sounded cool. Not a big history behind the band name, haha.

The simple names are often the best, anyway. 😉 With over 10.5k followers on twitter over two and a half thousand likes on Facebook, you’ve gathered a large following and it’s always increasing. What has it been like getting the kind of support you’ve received so far?

We work very hard on our social media. Social media brings you the chance to get to know people who are miles away with just one tweet or post, so we are always trying to get new people to our fan base. Anyways, sometimes the fact you have loads of followers doesn’t mean that you are a big band, just means you’re working on getting something.

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Luke Potter

May 23rd 2015. I was with a group of friends at a local two-day music festival when I first heard of Luke Potter.

Guitar in hand, he took to the stage and performed an array of covers and original songs. Later, I managed to grab his business card and was handed his EP, ‘One Day’ .

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Luke Potter has been establishing his name in the music industry for a number of years now. In 2011, Music Week selected him as one of their ten favourite new talents, commenting that “Luke’s songs are beautiful.” This seems to be a common conception with Promo Only stating that it’s “exciting hearing such a fresh new and exciting talent like Luke” and commenting that “it’s perfect for US radio”.

“We’re Alive”, Luke’s debut radio single, impacted several stations on the East Coast during the summer of 2012, having top 30 airplay in both Boston and San Francisco with video rotation at Hard Rock Cafes (“Great video”) around the world.

Both the EP ‘One Day’ – released in January 2013 – and the ‘So Sugar’ album (CD, iTunes and all digital stores) – released in November 2014 – were met with a great critical reaction, as presented by the number of reviews given.

It wasn’t long before I first heard of Luke that I decided to contact him with an interview proposition. Between his busy schedule, he agreed, and it went something like this: Continue reading Luke Potter