Rehab. (The Media’s Part in the Decline of Amy Winehouse)

The mainstream media are superbly good at kicking people when they are down. This is apparent on a daily basis when magazines and magazines of cruel comments and vicious rumours line the shelves and television hosts slur snide, harsh remarks only to humour their audiences.

The “Amy” documentary depicting the life and death of the late Amy Winehouse left a sour taste in my mouth as the role the media played in her downfall played through my mind. The documentary emphasised the toxic effect that fame can have on a person. Continue reading Rehab. (The Media’s Part in the Decline of Amy Winehouse)


Beauty is a social construction.

I’ve written about this subject matter before but, as many of you may know by now, I don’t ever consider this to be a valid reason as to not discussing it here again. Body image is an issue that men and women from around the globe deal with on a daily basis.

There are statistics that show that insecurity regarding body image is still, arguably more now than ever before, a burning issue within society. The construction of beauty that is established and distributed by the media is adopted and promoted so easily – too easily – by the society in which we live in. This beauty standard is creating insecurities and leading to low self-esteem and various mental disorders. Yet, we still conform to it. Continue reading Beauty is a social construction.

Quick Update

I started college yesterday and I’m already drowning in the amount of work I’ve got to do for the coming week:

  • Create a glossary of linguistic terms. English Language and Literature (AS Level)
  • Collect an array of different texts in different styles. Select one text and convert it into a play extract (if it’s a play, convert it to a novel extract). English Language and Literature (AS Level)
  • Annotate the first two chapters of The Great Gatsby, making notes on The American Dream, The Roaring Twenties, class (old money, new money, no money), and the past and future. English Language and Literature (AS Level)
  • Read The Great Gatsby. English Language and Literature (AS Level)
  • Read A Raising in the Sun. English Language and Literature (AS Level)
  • Start and complete title page. Graphic Communication (A Level)
  • Film a video on the theme of “Who I Am” with no use of editing, in a single shot. Media Studies (AS Level)

I might not be around here as much as I’d want to be in the recent days, because of this, but I’ll try my best to get back into the schedule as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out some of my favourite posts:

Share some of your favourite posts in the comment section below or just let me know what’s going on where you are. I’m always interested in starting a conversation. ❤

London Protests

UPDATE 10/05/2015 13:53 

The BBC has shown tiny clips that downplay the protests in London in much the same way it did with the Scottish Independence Protests. Mainstream media here is reporting as little as possible while other European countries are getting more coverage of the march than we did, full showing the scale of the protest.

Our police apparently reported to the BBC that there were “100 people” on the protest when, in reality, there were people marching in force around London and Downing Street and there was a heavy police present.

‪#‎ToriesOutNow‬ was trending on twitter and suddenly it just disappeared and appears to have been deleted.

It looks as if the UK Government is currently being censored.

It cannot be argued that the media is not bias. Of course it is. It is controlled by people with authority and it seems that the current news of an anti-Tory rally outside Downing street is being offered little media coverage.

I’ve spoken little on this blog of politics as of yet, but it is something that I feel strongly about. As a young person under the age of 18, I don’t hold the right to vote, but I am still very interested in the politics of our country.

After the Tories were victorious after the election earlier this week, hundreds have gathered outside Downing Street in a political stance. But, what are the main issues? Continue reading London Protests