Thoughts, about nothing in particular.

I’m often astounded by people; both negatively and positively. Unfortunately, for a long while, I’ve been astounded by people’s negative tendencies and ability to act so selfishly and show little remorse. Likely because this is something I’ve been witness too more often than I’d like to have been, and if you know me well then you will most probably understand the connections I am making here. If you don’t know me well, the same unfortunately still exists in a more universal sense too: in everyday life, most people act selfishly. Continue reading Thoughts, about nothing in particular.


Everything Happens for a Reason

I suppose I’m a logical person. Maybe that’s why I believe that everything happens for a reason. Whilst, scientifically, this isn’t really a logical belief in the slightest, it’s the only way I can make logical sense of our lives. I don’t believe that there are accidents in life. Or, if there are, they are so minor – like accidentally dropping a cup and smashing it, for example. I believe that every person you meet plays a role in your life and is put there for some reason; however small or however large; maybe to teach you something, maybe not to.

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Missing that bus to school – which you were sure would make you late, and one more late mark would land you in isolation¬†– must have seemed like the worst luck, until it was reported on the news to have exploded a little down the route. Essentially, missing your bus could have landed you in isolation for a day but, instead, it saved your life. Losing that person who you thought the world of might have been the most difficult experience you’ve had, but later you realise that they needed to leave for there to be space for something better. Likewise, I believe that things go wrong so that you can appreciate the things that go right. Continue reading Everything Happens for a Reason