Instagram and Capitalism

Don’t expect this to be eloquent, expect it to be passionate.

We live in a capitalist society.

This is something I’ve been dwelling on considerably for a long time, and especially over the last few days. You may have heard of Instagram’s newest proposed updates to remove chronology from our feeds. This might not seem like a massive change but it could have dire consequences on smaller accounts and small business owners, myself included. It is unlikely that small accounts and businesses will still receive the same exposure as they would otherwise, for being swallowed by the larger accounts and celebrities. If you would like to learn more (and sign the petition to prevent this) please click here.

But, how does this link to capitalism? At the very base of it, this is a prime example of the capitalist We live in a capitalist society, and that's easily told just by taking a look at social media.nature of our society. The implications of ridding the chronological feeds instils a sense of capitalism – bigger, more famous and wealthier overshadowing the smaller and poorer. By using algorithms and removing the chronological order in feeds, Instagram is following in the footsteps of it’s mother company, Facebook, and if we take a look at Facebook’s progression over the years we can see the similarities and predict future changes. By introducing this algorithm that shows popular posts at the top of the feed, it allows Instagram to manipulate what the users see and when. Naturally, the next step is monetization. Just like Facebook introduced, businesses will be able to pay to promote their posts to the top of feeds – just like the sponsored ads you now see on Instagram, again following in the footsteps of Facebook. This is a real life example of capitalism, away from the realms of social media, in the way that it is large conglomerates having power over our lives. Continue reading Instagram and Capitalism


The Hypocrisy of Society

I’ve spoken about this topic before, on my old blog, but I wanted to reiterate some of those points here, because I feel as if I’ve had more time to ponder over this topic and develop my thoughts concerning it.

0000000000000000000000000000000001There is no denying that there are many rules, regulations and conformities put in place by society. There’s also no denying that a lot of these conformities lack logic. As a society, we are beginning to contradict ourselves: “it’s important to be yourself but, no, not quite like that.” Or maybe this isn’t a new concept – maybe society has always existed as a paradox.

But rather than delve deeper into the analysis of the historical ways and conformities of society, I’d rather discuss the thing that confuses me in perhaps most depth: the minority is no longer the minority.

Almost everyone I know seems to settle on the concept of society being a corrupt machine, governed by capitalistic conventions and unrealistic expectations, as if they are detaching themselves from this aggregate. My point being is that we are the people who make up society. If it’s the majority of society who oppose to the ways of society, why are things not changing?

You’ll hear people blame society for the inconveniences within their lives – the unrealistic expectations so commonly accepted and the negative labels attached to people regardless of their actions – but those people are part of what makes up this society that they despise. We blame society but we are society. Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Society


And I fell; deeper into the darkness, deeper into his arms. I should have known that everything that falls ends up broken. Continue reading Fracture

Fight Back

There was once a time when I didn’t understand the meaning of “living in a system”. Of course, I had often heard the world and society in which we live in being referred to “the system” and how people want to “escape” such system, but for a long time I didn’t understand what it was or, more so, why you would want to escape it.

I think it was probably around the time I first heard the quote “we are all living in a cage that’s too large to see” that it struck me what this system is, and how obvious it is that we’re living within the constraints of one.

We are born and then after about four years of learning to speak and walk and such, we spend a quarter of our lives in education in order to get a job which we will spend the rest of life working in just to afford life’s basics: food, clothing, shelter. And, then, we will die. Unfortunately, of all of these inevitable stages, that one is the one we cannot, under any circumstance, escape.

caa9a7a5b301388d2531c221863dd51fI’ve spent a long time waiting to get out of education, under the pretense that that’s when my life is really going to begin; I can be free. But it’s not the kind of freedom I’d want. It’s freedom governed by rules and regulations and social conformities. Continue reading Fight Back

London Protests

UPDATE 10/05/2015 13:53 

The BBC has shown tiny clips that downplay the protests in London in much the same way it did with the Scottish Independence Protests. Mainstream media here is reporting as little as possible while other European countries are getting more coverage of the march than we did, full showing the scale of the protest.

Our police apparently reported to the BBC that there were “100 people” on the protest when, in reality, there were people marching in force around London and Downing Street and there was a heavy police present.

‪#‎ToriesOutNow‬ was trending on twitter and suddenly it just disappeared and appears to have been deleted.

It looks as if the UK Government is currently being censored.

It cannot be argued that the media is not bias. Of course it is. It is controlled by people with authority and it seems that the current news of an anti-Tory rally outside Downing street is being offered little media coverage.

I’ve spoken little on this blog of politics as of yet, but it is something that I feel strongly about. As a young person under the age of 18, I don’t hold the right to vote, but I am still very interested in the politics of our country.

After the Tories were victorious after the election earlier this week, hundreds have gathered outside Downing Street in a political stance. But, what are the main issues? Continue reading London Protests