Why I changed my mind about Twitter

Since I stopped blogging I’ve really fallen in love with Twitter. Firstly, it was for the networking opportunities. In the business I’m in (photography & design), networking is one of the most essential ingredients to success: your contacts are the people you rely on to make things happen. Continue reading Why I changed my mind about Twitter


10 Must Have Free Fonts

If you know me in person then you should know that I’m an absolute design fanatic. I’m currently studying graphics at college and you can see my portfolio for my commission work by clicking here. To the point, often it is the right typeface that enhances your design and I’ve decided to share some of my favourite¬†free fonts. I really encourage you to play around with them and share your work in the comment section below. To be taken to the font page where download is possible, just click on the “download” caption when hovering over the images.

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