The Real Neat Blog Award

It’s Thursday and I’ve struggled to post all week, bar from my recent interview with Tell the Wolves.

Things are hectic at the moment – balancing college and my freelance graphics work (check out this survey!), I’ve also been trying to find myself a job, so my blog might be getting a little neglected. Alas, I’ll try my best to get things back up onto their feet within the next couple of days.

Something that kickstarted me to write a post this morning – apart from my late start at college – was the wonderful Sam (bellsiebooks) who volunteered me for The Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you Sam! ❤


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10 Must Have Free Fonts

If you know me in person then you should know that I’m an absolute design fanatic. I’m currently studying graphics at college and you can see my portfolio for my commission work by clicking here. To the point, often it is the right typeface that enhances your design and I’ve decided to share some of my favourite free fonts. I really encourage you to play around with them and share your work in the comment section below. To be taken to the font page where download is possible, just click on the “download” caption when hovering over the images.

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How to Use Font Wisely

WISE USE OF FONTIf you followed my old blog or happen to know me personally, you’ll be aware of the fact that I am an utter design enthusiast. I pride myself in creating nice looking graphics and am currently on a mission to find the graphic theme that best fits the personality of this blog (and so the graphics around here might not match each other for a while).

In order to create a fresh design, the use of text is almost always necessary. But, how is it used correctly? After all, if you don’t have your use of text right, it can put someone straight off of reading your advertisement, blog, leaflet ect. If used correctly, text is your greatest weapon.


Letter Spacing

Creating a visual hierarchy is vital and doing so can be easily done by specifying a different size, weight (and maybe even font) for your heading, sub-headings and body copy. It is the best way to differentiate your content and is also very aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading How to Use Font Wisely