How Taylor Swift is Taking A Stand For The Music Industry

UPDATE 22/06/2015: After releasing an open letter addressed to Apple, Taylor Swift has managed to alter the way that the new streaming service Apple Music will pay artists for their music during the three month free trial that it is offering.

When the majority of people think of Taylor Swift, the chances are that they’ll think of songs like ‘Shake It Off‘, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together‘ and ‘22‘ and her newly established pop image. When think of Taylor Swift, I think of her lyrical talent displayed in songs such as ‘All Too Well‘, ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic‘ and ‘Back to December‘ and her country image. What I would suppose hardly anyone considers when thinking of Taylor Swift is her sense of business and her taking a stand for the music industry, which is exactly what she seems to be in the process of doing.

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Hard Drive

Dear dubious Sir/Madam,

Unbeknown to you in this present moment is that this antique that is my former hard drive holds little more than my ramblings and creations. Some of what you find will make little sense to the naked eye but I beg you not to analyse my thoughts for you won’t get very far.

Don’t be scared. I can tell you now that my every thought is not plagued with only the thoughts that the world is unjust, that the cure to cancer is trapped within the brain of a person who cannot afford an education, or that an apple a day will keep anyone away if thrown hard enough. Nor does my inner monologue speak in such a monotonous tone as you might expect from reading this, or any of my other musings.

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John Green is Overrated

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John Green is overrated.

Not a bad writer, not a hideous storyteller, not a terrible man, just overrated.

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If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?” – Daily Prompt

Time is such a conflicted thing. For one, it doesn’t really exist. Time is but a mere system that the human race created in order to establish a sense of order and yet these series of numbers rule our lives in more than one way. It also seems to slow down when you wish it wouldn’t, and speed up when you want to remain in a moment forever. It refuses to cooperate and instead dictates how many of us live our lives.

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31: Masks

It’s Halloween again.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was wrapped in my bed sheet, running across a field. It certainly doesn’t feel as long as a year ago. In some ways, the scariest thing about Halloween is the fact that it reminds me how much time has passed. Since what, exactly? Not since anything. Just that’s passed.

Often, I don’t feel like dressing up at Halloween. It might be partly because I can’t pull off the look like everyone else, but it’s also because I don’t see why we are choosing to wear another mask. For the most of us, we are already wearing them anyway.

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What Does It Mean To Be Young?

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What does it mean to be young? Is it to be born after a certain date? Is it to think that thirty is old? Or, is it a feeling of infinity?

To be young can be defined by more than one action, more than one feeling, because it is more than one thing.

It is your love of walking barefoot across the grass; the new carpet; the sand. The carefree attitude in which the feeling of the world touching your skin is the most natural and most beautiful of all sensations.

It is our craving for direction but our hesitance in following the paths that we are shown. Our contradictive nature in which we dismiss what we want to be shown once we are shown it, what we want to hear once we hear it, what we want once we have it.

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