Making Money: For Students

If anything, this was initially a list of resources that I had compiled to remind myself of the ways in which I could make money, but I’ve decided to share it as I feel as though it might be beneficial to people other than myself.

As a student, I know the struggle of both trying to get by with and without a job and how extra disposable cash is always appreciated. I know as well as you do that time is precious, however, and that searching the web for “how to make money quickly” and the likes of is often pointless and time consuming. If you have anything that could be added to this list, or you can vouch for anything already here, let me know in the comments. This list is going to be regularly updated so it might be an idea to bookmark it now and refer to it as time goes on.

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Beauty is a social construction.

I’ve written about this subject matter before but, as many of you may know by now, I don’t ever consider this to be a valid reason as to not discussing it here again. Body image is an issue that men and women from around the globe deal with on a daily basis.

There are statistics that show that insecurity regarding body image is still, arguably more now than ever before, a burning issue within society. The construction of beauty that is established and distributed by the media is adopted and promoted so easily – too easily – by the society in which we live in. This beauty standard is creating insecurities and leading to low self-esteem and various mental disorders. Yet, we still conform to it. Continue reading Beauty is a social construction.

Forget Me Not

1960-Student-DanceMargaret* always had her hobby. Each evening, she would go out dancing. She was approached by a young man whilst out one night who asked her to travel with him. Margaret agreed and soon after they enrolled in a dancing competition in which they landed in second place. At the end of the competition, one of the judges informed the pair that he had wanted them to win but the other judges had refused to judge the competition based on talent and instead based their decisions on money. Continue reading Forget Me Not

30 Things to Remember

There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. Both you and I know that not all 365 days will be good ones, and not all 24 hours or 60 minutes or 60 seconds will be good, either. There will be days when the sun is a little more difficult to find, but remember that it’s likely to be shining right outside your window. A wizard – from the imagination of a woman who seemingly possessed a sort of magic that ignited her words – once stated that “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light”. It’s a similar concept. Continue reading 30 Things to Remember

How to Beat Exam Stress

An independent study of 2000 college students by Stop Procrastinating found that 64% are worried that stress and anxiety is affecting performance which will result in lower grades than expected. As a student myself – and one who is in the very middle of taking my GCSE’s right now – I am no stranger to the stresses that exams can bring. It’s easy to say “don’t stress about exams” but it’s a lot harder to actually not stress about exams. They’re important and so, of course, it’s human nature that you will worry. The key is to optimise yourself to deal with this stress.


relaxMake sure that you aren’t revising non-stop. Evidence has shown that your brain finds it difficult to focus and retain information after 45 minutes, anyway, so try and kick-back and spend some time with your friends or listening to music or in front of the television before you continue to revise.

Listen to your favourite bands when you’re not studying and leave that concentration music to accompany your revision sessions.

Pretty Notes

Notes that are aesthetically pleasing are not only proven to help your brain retain information, but it gives revision a degree of fun. Using bright colours and diagrams are an easy way to memorise things whilst also taking pride in the way your notes looks which takes away the idea that note taking is a chore.

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10 Simple New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Lifestyle

“Your life does not get better by (3)A new year often calls for a set of new year resolutions. Personally, I’ve never been one to write down my resolutions in fear of not achieving them. But, I suppose, that’s the best way to achieve them. Nevertheless, I have compiled 10 simple new year resolutions that are require minimum effort but are likely to improve your lifestyle. Let me know in the comments of your new year resolutions or, if you don’t set resolutions, let me know why not.
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