The booze, the birds and the fast cars.

Ladies and gents, I’m honoured to say that my last issue of Interview Central 2015 is with the amazing East End Lovers after I got the chance to catch up with Zachary Charles Skinner!
Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band? 
The band was formed mid 2015 in Whitechapel London.
11781723_375143176013716_5852445910774396289_nTalk me through the name of the band, East End Lovers?
We are from East London and we like to make sexy music for lovers.
You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?
The booze, the birds and the fast cars.

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Addicted to peach ice tea

If you have any interest in the indie music scene, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of High Tyde. The Brighton youngsters have recently dropped their brand new single “Glow” after having received a huge amount of support from across the UK, including from names you’ll definitely have heard of such as Greg James and Scott Mills.

In true fan-girl style, I caught up with Cody, the singer of the band, to ask a few questions about the colour of his socks and which of his band members he’d most want to date – and, of course, a little bit about the single, too.
Interview Central

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! High Tyde was founded in 2012, can you talk me through the name of the band

High Tyde was the name from the beginning… we live by the sea and found comfort in the name. It would be weird playing under anything else.

How would you best describe the different personalities within the group and what they bring to your music?

We all have similar personalities when it comes to some things but then completely different with others. When writing music we all fire different things at each other and it works so well, we create some of the weirdest sounds and craziest tunes.

You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?

Playing live, after Parties, writing music.

tumblr_nyojet1Jkf1rwn0z6o1_1280You can also choose three things you dislike most about band life. Talk to me about them.

Getting ill on tour, that is literally the worst because tour is the funnest time and when your ill you just wanna sleep and not do anything! That’s it though, I f*cking love being in a band haha.

Talk to us about your brand new track, “Glow”. Buy it here.

It’s about aspiration to a certain person or object. ‘You glow all over me’ means that someone is filling someone else with positive energy and inspiring them.

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Jamie Young is a singer-songwriter from the UK and with his new EP release looming, I caught him for a quick chat about all things from black socks to his musical influences. Cue talk of Matt Healy, boys and girls.
I'VE been recording my Debut EP for the past 6-7 months now

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on the blog. Can you quickly describe who you are to give my readers a short overview?

Thank you for having me! I’m Jamie Young 22 years old, Singer/Songwriter from Worcestershire.

Over the last few months, you’ve been working on your new EP. What can fans expect to hear from you?

Yeah I’ve been recording my Debut EP for the past 6/7 months now with another artist who’s producing it for me, Ben Stancombe. I think people can expect a range of different styles from the EP as I like to experiment with different things with music. I’m working with a very talented producer so I’m really excited about releasing it next year; we’ve spent a long time writing the EP so hopefully the hard work shows through the EP when people listen to it. Continue reading Jamie

Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Founded in 2014, Ghost Color is a rock band from Sacramento, CA. Releasing their first single “This is Nighttime” in November of 2014, the band quickly followed it up with a free four song EP and another single in February of 2015 and their fan base has been growing increasingly ever since.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the trio for a quick interview, and it went a little like this:

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band?

Eric: We’re a three piece and our drummer is the main vocalist.

Chris: That makes our writing process a lot different from any other bands we’ve been in.

Bryan: As musicians, all three of us are coming from very different places. But we still find writing very easy. which makes for something exciting for all of us.

We played a place in Stockton Ca that got shot up.Ghost Color was founded in 2014, can you talk me through the name of the band?

Chris: We were thinking the color of ghosts would be transparent and transparency is another word for honesty, and we are all big believers in being honest. Honest with ones self, ones friends and family, the world, and with ones art. Continue reading Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Yo, Jesse.

Something that I don’t always take into consideration when arranging to interview bands and musicians is the difference in time zones. When the interviewer lives in the UK and the interviewee lives in the USA, a compromise has to be made. I’d like to start off before I go on with this with a huge thank you to Jesse Mancillas of Cemetery Sun for doing this interview in the early of hours of the morning for the sake of time zones.

csI’m not usually one to enjoy covers of songs. I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with the musician’s identity often being lost within it. Regardless, this ideology of mine didn’t apply the first time I heard one of Cemetery Sun’s covers. Entirely obsessed with their sound, I was lucky enough to get a phone call with their guitarist Jesse and learn all sorts of outrageous facts about him and the band (one of them works for Twitter, another accidentally used to belong to a cult).

First of all thank you for agreeing to this interview. Do you have any introductory words?

No no, I’m just happy you wanted to feature us in your blog here. We’re kinda getting stuff off the ground here with releasing our EP and it’s been really exciting to see this kinda attention or interest in the music.

Can you talk me through the bands name, Cemetery Sun?

IMG_0225So, I guess when the band kinda formed, me and another guitar player Elliot, we were in the middle of making this kinda weird ambient project and we employed Josh, the singer, and he kinda blew us away in. At the time, he was involved in a pop punk band called Headlines and one thing led to another and we ended up joining the pop punk band for a while and we used to play like straight up Jimmy Eat World stuff and pop punk for a minute.

Once we started writing new music, we were writing music that was kinda a blend between what me and Elliot had been doing with more of the ambient circa survive, really darker, kinda experimental style guitars and Josh is kinda straight up pop with vocals to just sing a simple melody and it was kinda catchy. We didn’t think headlines fit the band anymore and so, actually, at the time, we were going through a lot of different names and all of them were terrible. Our bass player at the time, Danny – he actually came up with the name and we kinda felt it spoke to the character of the band which tends to be kinda a mixture of the darker sounding music with Josh’s kinda almost lighter approach in the way he approaches the melodies and stuff. Cemetery Sun kinda fit and no one else had the name or anything.

If you could choose the best three things about being in a band, what would they be?

You know, there’s like this moment you can get when you’re playing with people you really know, really trust and you’re all vibing on the same kind of thing – it’s kinda almost like a high where you kinda tune out. You’re not thinking about anything else and it’s almost like you’re not thinking at all, just, like, stuff’s coming out. I don’t really have a word for it. That’s probably the whole reason you even play music. So that would be my number one – kinda the spiritual experience of coming together and forming something out of nothing. Continue reading Yo, Jesse.

15 Minutes of Fame

One of the coolest things about independent musicians is that they use the most innovative and engaging ideas to create, curate and share their music. From filming and recording their music wherever they can (or in sheds, like these Shed Sessions), to creating homemade music videos, some of the most authentic music – and indeed art – is created by independent musicians with the freedom and determination to do what they deem fit to promote their work.

11755739_916328261757161_6721612086923703958_nAngelique Rodrigues is a singer-songwriter and she is asking the public (that’s you!) to get involved with her most recent music video. Now, you don’t have to jump on a train to London or wear your Sunday best. Getting involved with this project simply consists of you sending pictures to Angelique of you and your partner or close friend and giving permission for these images to be used in her new music video.

Getting involved is simple. All you need to do is choose a couple of pictures (or videos) and send them to her via her Facebook. Alternatively, if you don’t have Facebook, you can email me them and I will forward them on.

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Wes, from that band.

11760212_811766722264932_7009496929238044455_nFaithFire is a pretty cool band. You might have heard of them, and if you haven’t then you should check them out. They also have a pretty cool drummer who was awesome enough to agree to this interview – and tell me all sorts of secrets – so, ladies and gents, I present to you Wesley Jones:

Give us a short introduction of who you are and what you do.

I’m Wesley and I’m the drummer for FaithFire.

FaithFire has received a huge amount of support, with over 1.3k likes on Facebook and 16.5k followers on twitter. How does a band go about building a fanbase like this?

Lots of promoting. It’s a daily routine to try and reach as many new people as we can each day.

If you could choose the top three things about being in a band, what would you say they are?

Getting to jam with other great musicians, getting to meet new people, and getting to share your music with other people!

How about the worst three things?

I don’t think there is a worst thing, especially when it comes to doing something you love. It does take away some time from family and friends but I think they understand what we are trying to do here and they respect it and support it.

Of your own songs and covers, which is your favourite track?

We have a lot of music you guys haven’t heard yet, but will hear soon! We shot a video for our song Basement Sounds that is probably my favorite so far!

Jack, from All Time Low, pretending he’s from Fall Out Boy

What was the first concert you went to?

The first concert I went to was a Fall Out Boy/All Time Low concert in middle school.

In your opinion, what is the making of a great live show?

Lots of energy and fan interaction. Doing something unique that hasn’t been done before.

What’s your favourite memory from a gig you’ve played at?

I was in this two man acoustic band once and one time we skipped school, played two shows, and went to an All Time Low concert all in the same day. Continue reading Wes, from that band.