The booze, the birds and the fast cars.

Ladies and gents, I’m honoured to say that my last issue of Interview Central 2015 is with the amazing East End Lovers after I got the chance to catch up with Zachary Charles Skinner!
Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band? 
The band was formed mid 2015 in Whitechapel London.
11781723_375143176013716_5852445910774396289_nTalk me through the name of the band, East End Lovers?
We are from East London and we like to make sexy music for lovers.
You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?
The booze, the birds and the fast cars.

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Addicted to peach ice tea

If you have any interest in the indie music scene, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of High Tyde. The Brighton youngsters have recently dropped their brand new single “Glow” after having received a huge amount of support from across the UK, including from names you’ll definitely have heard of such as Greg James and Scott Mills.

In true fan-girl style, I caught up with Cody, the singer of the band, to ask a few questions about the colour of his socks and which of his band members he’d most want to date – and, of course, a little bit about the single, too.
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Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! High Tyde was founded in 2012, can you talk me through the name of the band

High Tyde was the name from the beginning… we live by the sea and found comfort in the name. It would be weird playing under anything else.

How would you best describe the different personalities within the group and what they bring to your music?

We all have similar personalities when it comes to some things but then completely different with others. When writing music we all fire different things at each other and it works so well, we create some of the weirdest sounds and craziest tunes.

You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?

Playing live, after Parties, writing music.

tumblr_nyojet1Jkf1rwn0z6o1_1280You can also choose three things you dislike most about band life. Talk to me about them.

Getting ill on tour, that is literally the worst because tour is the funnest time and when your ill you just wanna sleep and not do anything! That’s it though, I f*cking love being in a band haha.

Talk to us about your brand new track, “Glow”. Buy it here.

It’s about aspiration to a certain person or object. ‘You glow all over me’ means that someone is filling someone else with positive energy and inspiring them.

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Jamie Young is a singer-songwriter from the UK and with his new EP release looming, I caught him for a quick chat about all things from black socks to his musical influences. Cue talk of Matt Healy, boys and girls.
I'VE been recording my Debut EP for the past 6-7 months now

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on the blog. Can you quickly describe who you are to give my readers a short overview?

Thank you for having me! I’m Jamie Young 22 years old, Singer/Songwriter from Worcestershire.

Over the last few months, you’ve been working on your new EP. What can fans expect to hear from you?

Yeah I’ve been recording my Debut EP for the past 6/7 months now with another artist who’s producing it for me, Ben Stancombe. I think people can expect a range of different styles from the EP as I like to experiment with different things with music. I’m working with a very talented producer so I’m really excited about releasing it next year; we’ve spent a long time writing the EP so hopefully the hard work shows through the EP when people listen to it. Continue reading Jamie

Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Founded in 2014, Ghost Color is a rock band from Sacramento, CA. Releasing their first single “This is Nighttime” in November of 2014, the band quickly followed it up with a free four song EP and another single in February of 2015 and their fan base has been growing increasingly ever since.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the trio for a quick interview, and it went a little like this:

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band?

Eric: We’re a three piece and our drummer is the main vocalist.

Chris: That makes our writing process a lot different from any other bands we’ve been in.

Bryan: As musicians, all three of us are coming from very different places. But we still find writing very easy. which makes for something exciting for all of us.

We played a place in Stockton Ca that got shot up.Ghost Color was founded in 2014, can you talk me through the name of the band?

Chris: We were thinking the color of ghosts would be transparent and transparency is another word for honesty, and we are all big believers in being honest. Honest with ones self, ones friends and family, the world, and with ones art. Continue reading Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Barbed wire, a length of toilet roll, and a kebab

The idea is notto live forever,but to createsomethingthat will.

Jagged Little Thrills is British rock band made up of five friends – Thomas Wright, Matthew “Weg” Wetherill, Dave Vegas, Tom Wright, and Rob Gray. They’ve been described as “the love child of Jack White and Peter Doherty” with their unique punk indie rock sound and big personalities. After discovering them not that long ago, I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with them for a quick chat that took a turn like this:

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band?

We’re a guitar band from Northampton that is made up of five close friends and musicians that just got fed up with the normalities of the ‘nine to five’.

Weg: My favourite phrase used to describe us as a band was ‘all in’, and that really says it all.

With almost 2,000 Facebook followers, Jagged Little Thrills has collected quite the audience over a space of time. How important is this support to you as a band?

Thomas: If people didn’t enjoy our music there would be no point in doing it!

Weg: We’ve always been incredibly lucky when it comes to support and have always been followed dragged and chased around the country in genuinely unbelievable numbers. It means everything to us.

Tom: Without the support we have had, none of what we have achieved so far would of been possible.

Dave: That’s what it’s all about. That’s why we wanted to wait a while before releasing a record. We wanted to take the songs, play them live around the country, see what works for people, what doesn’t. And the response in such a short time has been brilliant. Continue reading Barbed wire, a length of toilet roll, and a kebab

Tell the Wolves

Tell the Wolves is a rock band from Sacramento, CA, consisting of Leryan Burrey (lead vocals/guitar), Arianna Kinsella (keyboards/backup vocals), Ryan Griffith (guitar), Zack Davis (bass), and Ian Moch (drums). The five piece band incorporate “unique and refreshing musical backgrounds to their sound”, captivating their audience with “tight and technical rhythms, soaring vocals, and intricately designed melodies”.

Forming in 2013, the band instantly gained a buzz in the local Sacramento scene and press and they are well on their way to building a massive following. I got the opportunity to catch up with Leryan for a chat, and it went a little like this:

I jumped out of a moving vehicle. Got the scars to prove it!Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band?

Well, Tell the Wolves is a Sacramento rock ’n roll act. We’ve been a band for just over 2 years. We aim to bend the genre, but we want some straight rock and roll laced all over of it. We love to rock. We venture between straight forward, aggressive rock and really ambient or progressive soundscapes. Oh, and hooks. Can’t forget about them hooks!

Tell the Wolves was founded in 2013 – what’s story behind the band’s name?

Honestly, it came from a book called “Tell the Wolves I’m Coming Home.” Our bassist was in a Wal-Mart, and saw the book. In our frustrating search for a name, he came to practice with “Tell the Wolves” and we dug it. However, it always reminds me of the “The Two Wolves” Native American story, about feeding a good and not-so-good inner animal. But that’s just it: people keep asking us “Tell the wolves what?” All I want to say to them is that our name means whatever you want it to mean. If it’s “Tell the Wolves they suck!” or “Tell the Wolves is an awesome band!” then awesome. Really though, it means our music. Continue reading Tell the Wolves

“Your Average Lad from Blackburn”

Nathan Grisdale is a singer-songwriter from Blackburn, UK, who describes himself as “your average lad from Blackburn”. His viral success began after he started to post videos of himself singing his original songs on Facebook and quickly grew a large following. Currently signed to Boxx Records, Nathan is going through the process of recording and releasing his new material. I was lucky enough to catch him for a quick chat.

Nathan GrisdaleWelcome to Delirious Antidotes! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on the blog. Can you quickly describe who you are to give my readers a short overview?

Hi, I’m your average lad from Blackburn who loves to sing and eat KFC, haha. Yep, that kind of sums me up.

With over 700,000 likes on Facebook, over 20,000 followers on Twitter, and almost 50,000 subscribers on Youtube, your fanbase is growing from strength to strength. How important are your fans to you?

My fans are so important to me as they push my music out there and, literally, that means so much! I don’t know what I’d do without them supporting my music. 🙂 I’d like to thank them all for everything they have done so far in my career.

Due to your growing popularity, how often do you get recognised on the streets or in daily life?

A few times, but I don’t want to be big headed about it though haha. It’s all about the music to me but it feels good meeting fans in shopping centres and on the streets haha. Continue reading “Your Average Lad from Blackburn”