To the Bone; why I disagree with the critics.

“To the Bone” is a new Netflix original film – starring the likes of Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves – and has been met with mixed reviews. Many critics have claimed that the film glamourises eating disorders (EDs) and the film has received backlash regarding this.

However, I genuinely disagree with this perspective. I don’t believe that EDs are at all romanticised within the film but rather the harsh reality which concerns them is focused on. If anything, it is a story that promotes the concept of recovery and has the ability to start an honest conversation about mental illness and eating disorders that the mainstream media fail to explore in the depth that it deserves. Continue reading To the Bone; why I disagree with the critics.


Why I Oppose to the Syrian Airstrikes

If you live in the UK – or just about anywhere else in the world – at the moment, then you should be entirely aware that yesterday the British Prime Minister, among other MPs, voted for military airstrikes in Syria.

Even with the lack of a convincing case on behalf of David Cameron, MPs voted 397 to 223 in favour of sending RAF Tornados into the skies over Syria.

Across the web, thousands of people – who David Cameron has labelled “terrorist sympathisers” – are speaking against the decision. Myself, likewise.

It is no secret that in this country there is a great deal of Islamaphobia. It is almost common knowledge that “all Muslims are terrorists”, despite this being an outright lie. Action such as this is only going to add fuel to this particular fire because Britain have now joined the coalition of people who are bombing an innocent country in order to tackle a terrorist group that is based worldwide. ISIS – or whatever you choose to refer to them as – is a terrorist group. It is not a nation, and it is not a country, so how is bombing a country where the majority of people will be innocent going to solve anything at all? Continue reading Why I Oppose to the Syrian Airstrikes

Over the Rainbow


It’s not often that I’m behind on the news but I’m disappointed each time I am. I was especially disappointed this afternoon when I heard that I had missed the announcement of one of the most important milestones in social justice of my life time: homosexual marriage is legal in all 50 states. As an issue I feel very strongly about, I was understandably ecstatic as to hearing the news. I have been known to campaign for equality – particularly LGBT equality – and hold very strong views on the topic.

I cannot fathom the concept of homophobia, racism or any other discriminatory behavior. Whilst the colour of your skin and who you fall in love with are both natural things, prejudice attitudes are not.

I’ve ranted against homophobia many a time – online and in person – and I’m unlikely to stop until it’s been completely eradicated. If that means I’ll be speaking forever, then so be it. Let’s start with the phrase everyone has heard:

Love is Love

Not only is love a natural emotion, and one that most people experience within their life, more often that not, it cannot be controlled. Likewise, it doesn’t generally affect people other than those in love. This begs the question, who has the right to tell a person who they can or cannot love? The person you fall in love with is not someone you have chosen out of the millions of people on Earth. The person you fall in love with is someone you have met and formed a connection with and that connection is as valid, regardless of the gender. Continue reading Over the Rainbow

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful- (1)Just over two years ago, on my previous blog, I posted an article discussing whether or not homework was harmful or helpful after I carried out a series of surveys. I have decided to re-write the said post.

There’s something about homework that is incredibly unappealing. Perhaps it’s because extra work or revision is the last thing you want to do upon arriving home after a six hour day of, well, exactly that – work and revision. But, is homework as harmful as you might expect? In fact, is it even as helpful as you might expect?

As a young person who attends school myself, homework can become one of the biggest inconveniences. Most days I am at school from eight until five, attending extra-revision sessions as my final exams come up. Let it be said that I have no problem with having to complete coursework at home because it will 100% benefit me. I also have no problem with revising, sitting practice exams or completing work that is related to what we are learning, because I will reap the reward. The most frustrating thing of all is when you are given homework that has absolutely no relation to class work or exam preparation.

I haven’t been in high school in quite some time, but I remember often being frustrated at how much homework I was assigned – particularly since I was a good student who usually understood the information I was given the first time I received it. The exception to that was math, and it was the only class where I actually requested more homework because I needed the practice. Lili

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The Future of Broadcast

As the library of online content is becoming more vast and accessible and social networking is changing the way we think, where is the future of broadcasting? With online video websites, in particular YouTube, becoming people’s preferred broadcast platform, is online video the future of television?

The sheer growth of YouTube over the previous few years was somewhat astounding and startling at the least. With the evidence of this growth, it’s easy to assume that online video will soon become the overall preferred broadcast platform. This may be due to it’s ability to attract such a wide audience and it’s social networking integration which allows a video to be shared across a multitude of platforms in the click of a button and for the audience to directly interact with the creators. In the past couple of years in particular, we have seen other media outlets such as Vine and Snapchat also gaining a large following which is additional evidence that online video is perhaps the way forward.

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