Making Money: For Students

If anything, this was initially a list of resources that I had compiled to remind myself of the ways in which I could make money, but I’ve decided to share it as I feel as though it might be beneficial to people other than myself.

As a student, I know the struggle of both trying to get by with and without a job and how extra disposable cash is always appreciated. I know as well as you do that time is precious, however, and that searching the web for “how to make money quickly” and the likes of is often pointless and time consuming. If you have anything that could be added to this list, or you can vouch for anything already here, let me know in the comments. This list is going to be regularly updated so it might be an idea to bookmark it now and refer to it as time goes on.

Slice the Pie

This one I would really recommend if you enjoy music. The concept behind Slice the Pie is reviewing music, fashion and advertisements for cash. It’s time consuming, granted, but the interface is easy to get around and use and it’s easy money if you have the spare time. Click here to sign up.


You basically get paid for surfing the web but you can earn points (swagbucks) through a load of different things, such as daily polls and surveys, referring friends, completing offers and deals etc. and then you use your swagbucks to redeem different gifts (vouchers, charity donations, cash into your PayPal etc.). Swagbucks also offers you loads of cashback opportunities too so that you can save money as well as make it. Click here to sign up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 09.46.40.png


Vimepot is one of the most interesting, fun and profitable ways to make money. The concept behind the app/website is that users are able to upload videos portraying a certain message or idea and other users are able to guess what the message communicates. If they guess correctly, they win a sum of money. This is a simple idea and surprisingly fun, helping you earn on average £2-6 per correct guess. Click here to sign up.


Qmee is arguably my favourite tactic on this list. The idea behind is not only being paid to surf the web but also to complete surveys for real life money. This money can be cashed out at any time, regardless of the amount. For example, surf the web and earn 1p, you can send this to your PayPal account immediately. This is by far the quickest and easiest survey and web surfing app that I’ve come across and I’d thoroughly recommend it. Click here to sign up.

Prize Rebel

This site is similar to Swagbucks in the way that you can watch videos, complete surveys and an array of different offers to generate points which can then be redeemed for money. It’s as easy as pressing play on some videos, taking a shower and cooking some dinner, and coming back to some money ready to redeem. Click here to sign up.

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