So, what’s going on?

It’s been a while. I’m having this problem with my dedication and motivation. I discussed it within my last post but it still seems that it’s as ripe as ever.

I took my AS mock exams a few weeks ago in preparation for my exams come May (not long, now) and I’ve been very busy learning the ins and outs of photography and trying to master the skill to add to my creative portfolio. I also got a job. It’s about time. In regards to this blog, I’ve had little time to spend on it, it seems.

I’ve tried not to get out of the habit of writing but I lost my favourite writing journal so I’ve fallen victim to the analytical essays and comparisons of my classes rather than investing my time and emotions into something raw and worthy. Here’s to hoping that that will change in the coming days, weeks and months.

I’ve missed out on a few Literary Lions in my absence, but I hope to catch up with them soon because they always seem to provide me with the perfect muse.

In other news, I’ve watched a lot of films recently. I’ll say it’s because I need case studies for my media exam, but we all know it’s just because it’s much easier to put your feet up, relax and say you’re working than it is to spend several strenuous hours actually doing something credible and worhthy. One of those films was the documentary concerning the life and death of the late Amy Winehouse, “Amy”. I’ll be talking about that hopefully on the blog in the next couple of days because I think it raises a few important issues, especially in regards to the cruelty of mainstream media.

I’ll hope to write again within the next few days, but you know me and you know how terrible I am at staying committed at times. Nevertheless, we can hope.

Until then.


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