new year – 3

How is it that 365 days can feel like much longer, yet also much shorter, than 365 days? How is it that mid-June could have easily been three years ago but early January is as vivid as yesterday? How is it that so much time could have passed and so many things could have happened without you really realising it at all?

I’ve sat down and tried to write this post on a number of occasions already but now that Christmas festivities are passing and the New Year is looming, I feel as if this is the opportune time to reflect on what has been 2015.

This past year has bought with it so many strong emotions that it could easily be considered both the best and worst year of my life, if that’s at all possible.

I’ve spent the last few days looking through pictures and videos of 2015. I’ve met some really wonderful people this year and had to let go of some too – but I’m not sure if the latter is a negative at all. I think, for me, 2015 will always be the year that has tested my friendships and relationships: either straining them, breaking them, strengthening them or making them.

One of my biggest problems is that, as I look back at the past, I tend to adopt the mindset that the grass was greener in those previous months than it is now or maybe ever will be again. I’m not sure if that’s because, frankly, it’s true, or if I’m victim to the liar that is nostalgia.

Regardless, I’m pretty excited for 2016. May your new year be prosperous and happy.


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