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If you have any interest in the indie music scene, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of High Tyde. The Brighton youngsters have recently dropped their brand new single “Glow” after having received a huge amount of support from across the UK, including from names you’ll definitely have heard of such as Greg James and Scott Mills.

In true fan-girl style, I caught up with Cody, the singer of the band, to ask a few questions about the colour of his socks and which of his band members he’d most want to date – and, of course, a little bit about the single, too.
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Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! High Tyde was founded in 2012, can you talk me through the name of the band

High Tyde was the name from the beginning… we live by the sea and found comfort in the name. It would be weird playing under anything else.

How would you best describe the different personalities within the group and what they bring to your music?

We all have similar personalities when it comes to some things but then completely different with others. When writing music we all fire different things at each other and it works so well, we create some of the weirdest sounds and craziest tunes.

You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?

Playing live, after Parties, writing music.

tumblr_nyojet1Jkf1rwn0z6o1_1280You can also choose three things you dislike most about band life. Talk to me about them.

Getting ill on tour, that is literally the worst because tour is the funnest time and when your ill you just wanna sleep and not do anything! That’s it though, I f*cking love being in a band haha.

Talk to us about your brand new track, “Glow”. Buy it here.

It’s about aspiration to a certain person or object. ‘You glow all over me’ means that someone is filling someone else with positive energy and inspiring them.

As a band, who do you consider to be your main musical influences?tumblr_nwyegoflwY1rwn0z6o1_1280.jpg

Umm its gotta be Kendrick Lamar, Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Jimi Hendrix. Solid artists.

Of your own tracks and covers, which is your favourite?

Has to be ‘These Days’; so groovy and fun to play live. So rad to see people get down to some hip hop! It’s so unexpected within our set as well.

If you had to pick an album by any artist other than yourselves to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Foals – Antidotes. One of the best albums ever – from start to finish.

If you could pick three people, other than your band mates, to make up your ideal band, who would they be?

Chris Lilley, Ricky Gervais and Mike Skinner, hahaha. That would be amazing.

What is one outrageous fact that hardly anyone knows about you?

I love to freestyle on nights out to instrumentals.


Now tell me a secret about one of your other band members.

Louis is addicted to peach ice tea.. I mean, seriously, he has a problem.

What prompted you to try and make it in the music industry?

Just love creating and playing music, I find so much comfort within it and I want to travel the world with the boys and play to as many people as we can!

Do you have any advice for others who are trying to break into the music industry?

Enjoy it! It’s a very long road (not saying we’ve done it because we definitely haven’t yet) but if you don’t enjoy it then its not worth the time! Find comfort in what your playing/writing and put your heart into it!

What’s your main ambition for the band?

To travel the world and play sell out shows, I think our music will be absorbed on a worldwide basis so we wanna smash cities on every continent!


What is your favourite memory or story from a gig you’ve played? Don’t leave out any good details.

London Koko, for a start load in time was like 12AM so a long day, we had like 30 mins to set up and sound check to then play to the biggest crowd we had played to. It was maaaaaaadddd. The whole team where buzzing after… Must have drunk about a million beers as well.

What was the first concert you’ve ever been to?

Ahh sh*t it must have been ‘The Australian Pink Floyd’ with my dad… they are sick.. closest band to the real thing.

Is there anything you want to plug here?

Our EP ‘GLOW’ is out now on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Quick fire round, now. What colour socks are you wearing?


As a band, how many piercings do you have?

Ahh sh*t, I should know this… Two, I think.

Which of the band members is the laziest?

Probably me. On the last tour as I was so ill [that] no one let me carry anything haha.

Do you prefer playing live or recording music?

Playing live for sure.

What was your favourite life stage?

Right now, I love it. Maybe a bit too much?

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

Umm Ed. I like that name.

Louis is addicted to peach ice tea.jpgSorbet or ice cream?

Sorbet (mango). So peng.

Who’s the most boring band member?

Louis, he makes me puke he’s so boring. 😉

Which band member would you most want to date?

Spencer, he’s a funny guy.

Ideal holiday destination?

Amsterdam. What a place.

Which band member is most likely to lose their keys or phone?

Spencer, he never has his key anyway haha.

Thanks for the interview, it’s been great to have you here. Best of luck with all of your ventures!

Photo credit: Phoebe Fox

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