Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Founded in 2014, Ghost Color is a rock band from Sacramento, CA. Releasing their first single “This is Nighttime” in November of 2014, the band quickly followed it up with a free four song EP and another single in February of 2015 and their fan base has been growing increasingly ever since.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the trio for a quick interview, and it went a little like this:

Welcome to Delirious Antidotes! Tell us a bit about the band?

Eric: We’re a three piece and our drummer is the main vocalist.

Chris: That makes our writing process a lot different from any other bands we’ve been in.

Bryan: As musicians, all three of us are coming from very different places. But we still find writing very easy. which makes for something exciting for all of us.

We played a place in Stockton Ca that got shot up.Ghost Color was founded in 2014, can you talk me through the name of the band?

Chris: We were thinking the color of ghosts would be transparent and transparency is another word for honesty, and we are all big believers in being honest. Honest with ones self, ones friends and family, the world, and with ones art.

How would you best describe the different personalities within the group and what they bring to your music?

Eric: Chris is a bit of a perfectionist so he keeps us from sucking. If it’s not going to wow us, it  probably  won’t wow anybody else.

Bryan: Eric is an eccentric when it comes to tones and textures. He is always looking for ways to push the envelop musically.

Chris: We tend to build from Bryan up when writing. He has a real nack for structuring songs. He has the most diverse musically taste in the band. He brings a lot of ideas that Eric and me never thought of before.

You can choose just three of your favourite aspects of being in a band, what would they be?

Chris: You get to do something you’re passionate about.

Eric: Free booze at shows.

Bryan: Learning to communicate with people using something more powerful that words.

Eric: I wish I had said something cool like that.

As a band, who do you consider to be your main musical influences?

Bryan: That’s a hard one.

Chris: If we had to choose just a few that we can all agree on probably  James Taylor,  Smashing Pumpkins and Periphery.

Eric: Yeah, we tend to be all over that place with our influences.

You can also choose three things you dislike most about band life. Talk to me about them.

Eric: Moving…

Chris: Gear…

Bryan: SUCKS. The only reason we would ever want to be rock stars is so we don’t have to load and unload and then reload or own gear anymore.

If you had to pick an album by any artist other than yourselves to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chris: ‘Fables from a mayfly’ by Fair to Midland

Bryan: Any and all System of a Down albums

Eric: ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley

You’ve previously stated that “Ghost Color is doomed to come to an end someday. all bands are. The difference with Ghost Color is that they know it.” Knowing that ultimately the band will come to an end, what does this mean for your band? Does it change your attitude towards music?

Bryan: We work really really hard with the time we have.

Chris: I humble by the fact I get to play at all. Especially with a band that I truly believe in. I feel that I’m doing my best work with Ghost Color, and will be happy with whatever it is we leave as a sign we were here at all.

Eric: I’m glad to be working with two other guys that are just as open minded as I am. We’ll try anything once musically. We’d rather know it’s a bad idea than just think it’s a bad idea. We don’t have time not to turn over ever musical stone.

Of your own tracks and covers, which is your favourite?

Bryan: Go. Begin.

Chris: This is Nighttime

Eric: Soft as Gold

If you could pick three people, other than your band mates, to make up your ideal band, who would they be?

Bryan: Can they be dead?

Chris: Danny Elfman, Mike Patton, and Tom Yorke

Bryan: Serj from SoD, BB King, and Mozart

Eric: Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley and Beck.

What is one outrageous fact that hardly anyone knows about you?

Bryan: I’m an alien.

Chris: I’m alien hunter.

Eric: I’m in a band with crazy people.

Now tell me a secret about one of your other band members.

Eric: Bryan is an alien.

Bryan: Chris is an alien hunter.

Chris: Eric is in a band with crazy people.

If it’s not going to wow us, it probably won’t wow anybody else.What prompted you to try and make it in the music industry?

Eric: We aren’t interested in anything else.

Chris: The opportunity to get paid to do what you love.

Bryan: I love it.

Do you have any advice for others who are trying to break into the music industry?

Eric: I have no idea.

Bryan: We’re learning as we go. Don’t have a whole lot figured out yet.

Chris: That’s a question for someone who’s already where they want to be. But don’t fight with your bandmate over dumb things. Be open to everyone’s ideas.

What’s your main ambition for the band?

Chris: To fulfill our full potential. To write as many songs as we can.

Bryan: Rule the world if we are going to say what we really want.

Eric: I agree with both of them.

What is your favourite memory or story from a gig you’ve played? Don’t leave out any good details. 

Eric: We played a place in Stockton Ca that got shot up.

Bryan: We were walking up to the door to check in with the booker and a guy and his girlfriend ran out of the venue. The guy was yelling “There’s a dude with a gun in there!!”

Chris: The guy shot into the ceiling and ran out the back. The bar tender locked the back door, then ran out the front and rushed everyone inside and locked the front door. Needless to say we didn’t get to play that show that night.

What was the first concert you’ve ever been to?

Chris: Korn

Bryan: Bombay Bicycle Club

Eric: Mars Volta

Is there anything you want to plug here?

Our Debut self-tilted EP in out now on iTunes and Bandcamp.com  

Quick fire round, now. What colour socks are you wearing?

Chris: That’s racist.

As a band, how many piercings do you have?

Eric: Ten, plus the one Bryan doesn’t know we know about.

Which of the band members is the laziest?

Bryan: Larry, which is why we kicked his ass out the band.

Do you prefer playing live or recording music?

Mark Twain.pngChris, Eric, Bryan: Live.

What was your favourite life stage?

Chris, Eric, Bryan: Current.

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? 

Bryan: Harty Bryan instead of Bryan Harty.

Chris: The Shmifter

Eric: Voltron

Sorbet or ice cream?

Bryan: Sorbet

Chris: Ice cream

Eric: Ice Cream

Who’s the most boring band member?

Eric: Tyrone. Which is why we kicked his ass out the band.

Which band member would you most want to date?

Eric, Chris, Bryan: Pause.

Ideal holiday destination?

Eric, Chris, Bryan: Bryan’s home planet.

Which band member is most likely to lose their keys or phone?

Chris and Bryan: Eric.

Thanks for the interview, it’s been great to have you here. Best of luck with all of your ventures!

Eric: Thanks SJ!


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