Getting Social

The coming week marks a year since I scrapped my old blog and started this new one, and the support I’ve received has been overwhelming. I’ll be posting another post at some point this week in regards to the reflection of the last year but I just wanted to set up some updates in preparation because, in this coming year, I’m planning to really roll out my blog across a variety of platforms and make it even bigger, and even better than it has grown to be.

For starters, I’ve just set up a Facebook page where I’ll be networking and finding new artists to interview, new blogs to read, and sharing my posts with my readers. If you want to keep in the loop, you can check it out here.

Likewise, no blog is complete without pictures. Over the next year, I’ll be defining the style of this blog and I’ll be doing so with the help of this blog’s very own Instagram account.

And as I find more artists to interview (Monday interview’s will be returning shortly!), a SoundCloud account will always come in handy.

As ever, you can find me most nights on tumblr, too.

Check out my new social media accounts and get networking to stay tuned for more updates as my one year blogoversary celebration rolls out. ❤


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