Loft Beds and UV Lights

Delirious Antidotes

There’s a certain desire for egoism that I believe almost every human obtains. We want to be remembered and some of us will go to extremes to ensure that we are. Some of us, however, indulge in small acts to be remembered by, without understanding why we are doing it.

When I was much younger, I slept on a loft bed and I had bought a pen from Lorimers that contained invisible ink – the type that only showed up when a UV light was shone on it. One night, it occurred to me that I would not always be residing in that very room, that very house, or, even, that very town. I was right – since then, I’ve lived in four different homes and three different towns. For me, the room I was lying in was my room, and it always would be, no matter who resided in it…

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