So I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks now but I finally have a steady Internet connection again. Here’s to hoping you didn’t miss me too much. 😉 Hopefully I’ll have my schedule up and running smoothly again within the next couple of days – back to the usual Sunday summaries/link-ups and Monday interviews, that is. As always, if you are interested in promoting your brand or product – be it you’re a writer, musician, actor, YouTuber, blogger, etc. – then you can always get in contact via or twitter (@d_antidotes).

As ever, link-ups are a great way to introduce yourself to the community, increase your follow count, and find new content and friends. If you want to participate, just scroll down to the rules in the bottom of this post.

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You can read Marie’s blog here or visit her YouTube here.


If there’s stuff you’ve discovered – or created – over the past week. Paste the URL in the comment section below to share and check out the other links in the comments.

Link-Up Rules

  • Do not post more than three URL’s per comment.
  • If you’re posting, try and check out other people’s links.
  • Make conversation where possible. 🙂


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