Youth Opportunity

In such a competitive world where people’s judgement rule others minds, it can be difficult to find a place that you feel you comfortably fit in, let alone be proud of your own achievements. We are hurtled into an environment where, instantly, we are compared against others. We are growing up to believe that we should be comparing ourselves to others – because that’s all we’ve ever known. They say that competition is healthy, but at what point does it become damaging?

The job market is one that is being aimed at an increasingly younger generation – in the UK, you are expected at the age of thirteen to make decision that will affect the rest of your life, or at the very least your academic career. Likewise, it is a market that has gone global and is constantly becoming more and more competitive. In order to succeed in such a market, you need an array of things:

  • Qualifications. Whilst these aren’t essential, a huge focus is definitely put on them in this day and age and they are certainly useful.
  • Experience. Ironically, to get experience, experience must be had. This is one of the most controversial aspects of the current job market.
  • Nurture. Nurturing your skills is essential – ultimately, you have to be the best of the best to succeed in most fields and niches.

The Artemis Arts Centre

artemis black and whiteThe Artemis Arts Centre is a project started by a group of eleven 16 year olds (of which I am one). We see it as a real opportunity to create a community area to use which helps locals to reconnect with not only each other but the creative talent the community shelters. Encompassing all performing and creative arts in a relaxed, natural and safe environment, we aim to create a centre in nature, made by nature.

We have many ideas for this area already and the support we’ve been shown already is astounding. Within the first 36 hours of starting our project, we passed 200 likes on our Facebook page and this figure is still increasing.

Likewise, we approached a team of four local business people in hope that they would help to financially support our project. We were awarded 94% of the total money we asked for with their only concern being that we didn’t need the business cards we had intended on using a section of the budget for.

Conducting our preliminary researchh
Conducting our preliminary research

The first indication that our idea would be well received by the public was during the conduction of our preliminary research. We took to a local high street and in a period of less than 45 minutes we received the contact information of over thirty individuals who all shared an interest in our project.

Our first event is taking place this September where we will be setting up shop (no, not literally – it’s just a stall) in the high street of Epsom. During this time, we will be meeting the public and discussing our ideas with them – equipped with promotional information. We’ll also be displaying a selection of the talent we hope our project will nurture (with acts to be confirmed) as well as asking people to sign up and get involved with our project as volunteers to help us clear the space for our project and build our stage and seating area. If you want to come along down, you can get more information by visiting our Facebook page or twitter page.

27th septmebr

The plans for our staging area - the green space represents the audience and the darker space represents our stage.
The plans for our staging area – the green space represents the audience and the darker space represents our stage.

Within our centre, we hope to offer young people opportunities and people of all ages a safe, relaxed environment in which they can be entertained. We are aiming to hold concerts and gigs and act as a host to others as well as allowing our staging area (which we are building from natures resources) to be used a free public canvas for any budding artists. We hope that this will help combat any issues of vandalism we may encounter.

If you would like to get involved with our project, have any advice or tips to offer us, or would simply like to follow our journey, I strongly suggest that you check us out on Facebook and twitter. We always look forward to engaging with our audience and we hope that we can make the public as excited about our project and future prospects as we are.

Our hopes are that we can help to nurture the talents of young people and offer them opportunities to succeed in the increasingly difficult job market whilst also bringing together communities in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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