With a sound similar to Sleeping with Sirens, Picturesque is an upcoming band that I recently had the pleasure of interviewing. Founded in 2014, the band have already gathered a large following with over 5,000 likes on Facebook and over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. You can download their free EP here.

When was Picturesque founded?

December 2014

As a band, you’ve gathered a large following already. Talk to me about the support you’ve received.

We were fortunate enough to have Hands Like Houses, I the Mighty, and Stephen Parker share our music on their pages. I think that combined with the fact that we were giving the EP away for free got us a lot of traffic.

What’s the story behind the band name, Picturesque?

It was the only name that stuck and seemed to relate to our sound.

What’s the best part about being in a band?

The music! It represents us as people and let’s us vent.

What about the worst part?

Being broke 24/7

Of your own songs and covers, which is your favorite track?

Speak Softly

What’s your favorite album by another artist?

Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas

What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

Off of that album or period?

What was the first concert you went to?

The county fair. We’re from the South.

What was the best concert you’ve been to?

The Chariot. Every time I have seen them, they were great.

What do you think are the foundations of a good live show?

Energy and crowd participation

Why did you choose to get into music?

It’s something you grow up enjoying and no one ever stops enjoying music.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Nick Jonas

Choose your favorite memory from a gig you’ve played. Talk to me about it.

Before this band started, a few of the guys in Picturesque and I had another band. We played a show in Blytheville, AR for the first time and I couldn’t hear myself in my in-ear monitors because the crowd was singing along so loud.

What is one outrageous fact that hardly anyone knows about you?

We like children’s card games.

Other than each other, if you could choose any musicians – living or dead – who would be in your dream band?

Garth Brooks
Dave Grohl
Elton John
Alicia Keys

What advice would you give to budding musicians?

Do what you do when you do you.

Are there are any particular projects or causes you would like to raise attention about?

We’re following Warped Tour handing out FREE copies of our EP! As far as charities, I would like to raise awareness to the kind of charities that help people and animals. Remember, charitable donations are tax deductible!

Quick fire questions, now, and this one is becoming a favorite on Delirious Antidotes – what color socks are you wearing?


Weapon of choice?


What do you prefer: recording music or playing live?


Collectively, how many tattoos do you have as a band?


What about piercings?


Sorbet or ice cream?

Ice Cream

If you could live in any city, anywhere in the world, where would you choose to reside?

Tristan da Cunha

What form of public transport do you prefer?


Thank you for agreeing to the interview and good luck with your upcoming gigs and ventures; looking forward to hearing more music from you guys! Have you any parting words?

Come hang out with us at Warped!

Thanks again to Picturesque. Remember that you can find them on Facebook and the rest of the interviews on Delirious Antidotes here.

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