Igloos in the Summer

If you’re a keen Twitter user, you’ve probably heard of the talent that is Kieran Jamie Lee. Something you definitely need to know about Kieran is that he owns (and wears) a Mayday Parade t-shirt, and this makes him pretty cool. He also has an excellent, user-friendly website that is not only humorous but it offers some great tips, especially for young adults. But, perhaps more importantly, Kieran is also a writer – and he has a book published.

Let’s talk about your book, Igloos in the Summer. Tell us about the title and premise of the novel.

Hello, Igloos in the Summer is my first novel. It was first published back in September last year, however, recently I just republished it with slight changes! The title ‘Igloos in the Summer’ had came instantly, before I even started writing in fact! But as the book began to develop I just knew it was the correct title for what I wanted out of the plot! The meaning behind it can be found within the book – ‘An igloo of the summer is what we are, something different, something unique and something that breaks once the sun shines.’

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What inspired you to write Igloos in Capturethe Summer?

I have always wanted to write, but, at the same time, I felt like I couldn’t – something unknown was blocking my road. With ‘Igloos in the Summer’, I had completed the first paragraph months before I even began to write the novel. What inspiration did I have? The people of twitter. I was told by several people that I ‘should not waste time tweeting so much. Instead, write books.’

Igloos in the summer is a brilliant first book by a clearly promising writer. It deals with many topics, Life, Death, Self harm, sexual desires and many more. To see all of this in an author’s first book is brilliant and shows the talent they have. I received my copy of this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. It’s a great read. I look forward to seeing what Kieran can produce in the future. – Liam Crabb

What motivated you to continue writing, during the course of writing your novel?

When writing ‘Igloos in the Summer’, I was supported by a lot of people on twitter! Knowing that people wanted me to write, motivated me to actually get off my backside and do something! I set myself bigger goals that usual .. purchased a domain name / advertising materials before I had even finished writing my first draft! I wanted to bring the book alive – this allowed myself to note – things are possible.

CI6yBZgWUAAuxWSDo you ever feel forced to write?

Yes, but no! This is a hard one! Writing should never make you feel forced, it’s not Star Wars. I do lack finding the motivation to write, but, I would never force myself to sit down and write something, if I did that … my mind would just jumble and end up talking nonsense just like my twitter account!

When did you discover your talent in writing?

Everyone has a hidden talent in writing, in my opinion, a word is a word, despite what people say – someone out there will be interested in what you have to say and what your mind can produce. If you ever down-talk yourself from writing, just remember .. he did it, she did it, they did it – You can do it.

I picked up this book last night and hours later I realised I had ran out of pages and finished it. Simply could not put down. Kieran Jamie Lee is such an inspiration, he is so young yet has managed to produce and create such a great novel for his first book. I hope he continues to write so I can see him develop from strength to strength. I Didn’t think it was possible for young people to be so successful in life but Kieran has proved me wrong. Success doesn’t mean money or fame it means accomplishment and now I hope to follow in his footsteps. – Nikki Dalgarno

What is one fact hardly any people know about you?

I used to play the drums for about two years! Hand me a pair of drumsticks now though and I’m sure I could play you something equivalent to Rebecca Black’s singing.

igloosinthesummerAre you an avid reader?

I love reading don’t get me wrong, but, my reading progress is always a little on the slow side!
What books could you just not put down? Three books spring straight to mind here! Looking for Alaska by the wonderful John Green. Wonder by the ever so talented Raquel J. Palacio. All the Bright Places by the queen of words Jennifer Niven

A quick fire round, now. Do you read more fiction or non-fiction?


What colour socks are you wearing?

I am actually sockless at present, which is a rare sighting, I hate bare feet!

Weapon of choice?

Is cake a weapon? I mean you could eat the cake and also stuff the enemies mouth with it which would cause a rather yummy death?

Embedded image permalinkGold or silver?


Self-publishing or publishing house?

Self-publishing for now, that might change in the future as I get a feel for both industries!

Thank you Kieran, have you any parting words?

Parting? Can we add the letter ‘y’ into that? If so, let’s go party! You know, balloons, cake and a random bouncy castle in the corner. Oh, and alcohol! Can’t forget the alcohol!

Thank you Kieran for agreeing to this interview! Best of luck with the promotion of your book and your future ventures. Remember to check out Kieran on twitter for more information.

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