Luke Carey

If you follow my weekly link-ups (which I didn’t manage to post yesterday – sorry!), then you’ll probably remember the time that I featured the song Now by Luke Carey. Since then, Luke has released his debut EP which has shot to the top ten of lukecareyitunesthe iTunes singer-songwriter charts, reaching positions ahead of Ed Sheeran and James Bay.

I was lucky enough to squeeze into Luke’s crazy schedule and grab a short interview with the man himself:

A huge welcome, Luke. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Have you got any opening words?

Hey my name’s Luke Carey and I’m a singer/songwriter from North London!

Listen to more: Facebook | Twitter | iTunes

You’ve recently released your debut EP, Sketches. Talk to me about the support you’ve received.

The support has been amazing, I honestly didn’t expect to get anywhere near the top 200 singer/songwriters.. let alone the top 10!

lukecareyepTell me a bit about your new EP.

The EP itself is made up of 5 tracks, 5 pretty old tracks actually, I had written the first 4 all in the same week last summer, and to be honest I’m really looking forward to getting back in the studio to work on the next project. It’s all been written so I just need to record it now.

What inspired your new songs?

Different things inspired each song, but they are all personal to me and tell a story about things that have happened in my life.

Of your owns songs, which is your favourite and why?

My favourite of mine changes all the time! At the moment the new stuff I’m recording is my favourite, because they I’ve written them recently and are more relevant to me now.

How about your favourite album from another artist?

Thats a big question! But again it changes all the time. I’m really loving Childish Gambinos album right now, but I know that will change next week!

What’s the first song you remember hearing?

Oasis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out… love that song!

927160_684896144933797_519292340_nWhat drove you into the music scene and why did you decide this was the career you wanted?

I did it as something to do in my bedroom to waste a bit of time during the day, but after I played my first open mic, I was pretty much hooked. I just kept gigging as much as I could, I still do! But the thing that made me want to do this as a career is the fact that I’ve been meeting new people everyday and I’ve met some of my closest friends though doing this. It’s the best job in the world!

Give me one outrageous fact that hardly anyone knows about you.

Okay, so quite a few people know this but it’s still pretty cool/nerdy, depending on what you’re into! So I was actually named after Luke Skywalker! My brother named me that because my birthday is May the 4th…so, may the 4th be with you. That fact gets mixed reviews.

If you could start your dream band with any musicians, dead or alive, who would they be?

Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Eminem… I don’t know if it’ll sound any good but they’re legends so to jam with any of them would be cool!

Quick fire round, now. Here’s one that’s always asked here – what colour socks are you wearing?


Do you prefer recording music or playing live?

Playing live

Double bed, yes or no?

Yes, Obviously! Any day!

Do you own a teddy bear?

Not anymore

Sorbet or ice cream?

Ice cream

926766_639317889485687_917616443_nFavourite lesson at school?

ICT (got to go on YouTube for an hour)

Favourite quote?

“It’s better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low, so that even failure will have in it an echo.” – Bill Nicholson (Spurs legend!)

Do you have any piercings?

What about tattoos?

Which form of public transport do you prefer?

Bus- because I get to sit down for longer, I am proper lazy. Though I don’t like any of public transport!

If you could transport to any time and any place, which would you choose?
I honestly have no idea.. can I not teleport?

Are there any projects you would like to raise awareness about?
Go check out the EP on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify! Also please follow my Facebook and twitter because the gigs will be booked by the end of next week. It’s quite old news but there is a Just Giving Page I made a while back that people can donate to if they want.

Remember that you can check out Luke Carey and the other interviews at Delirious Antidotes; you can also contact if you are interested in being interviewed for this blog. Thank you again to Luke; it was so great to interview you!

Listen to more: Facebook | Twitter | iTunes

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