Seconds to End

Seconds to End are a band originally formed as a side project by Ben Sachs and Matt Torres in August of 2012 but there soon came a day where they decided that Seconds to End (S2E) was no longer “just a project”. Summer 2013 marked a new beginning for the Albuquerque founded electronicore band as they recruited Jimmy Galvan to be their drummer. This was the beginning of Seconds to End.

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A couple of years and several new tracks later, Seconds to End are releasing their second EP and they took time from their busy schedule to catch up with me for an interview.

Matt Torres of Seconds to End

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Matt Torres of Seconds to End.

Hey there; thanks for agreeing to this interview, have you any opening words?

We’re glad to interview with you! We are Seconds to End based out of Baltimore, Maryland and all about Electronic music as well as Post-Hardcore and love to put the two together.

Founded in 2012, Seconds to End have gathered an increasingly growing following over the last few years. Talk to me about the support you’ve received.

Seconds to End has been through quite a bit within the past few years from playing our first shows at local charity events and small venues to playing huge venues throughout New Mexico opening for huge acts like Being As An Ocean, Outline In Color, among others. The band has so far put out two EPs and a single since it was created and we plan to release much more in the future, while always striving to challenge ourselves with each release. The support we’ve received has been great locally, then we’ve moved up to social media promotion and have built a solid foundation using outlets such as Twitter and YouTube that have been helping grow our S2e family tremendously.

What’s the best part about being in a band?

The best part about being in a band is being able to create something and work so hard on it to the point where, once you’ve released it and cast your creations out into the world, you are able to connect with other human beings on a universal level.

What about the worst part?

The worst is receiving negative and harsh judgement or criticism but in the end that all just goes into pushing us to work harder and strive for better so it becomes a positive!

Of your own songs and covers, which is your favourite track?

Our favorite track of all is definitely one off our newest release called Forget The Lies

What’s your favourite album by another artist?

Our favorite album by another artist would probably be an older one ‘They Said A Storm Was Coming’ by Jamie’s Elsewhere

What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

The first song I remember ever hearing probably is “Enter Sandman” by Metallica as a young child! I kind of grew up on 80’s Metal

Why did you choose to get into music?

We all got into music because it’s our love and passion and our purpose.

What is one outrageous fact that hardly anyone knows about you?

One outrageous fact about us is that each one of us lives in a different city spread out across the entire country. haha

Austin Carlile, Of Mice And Men

Other than each other, if you could choose any musicians – living or dead – who would be in your dream band?

Our dream band would probably include Austin Carlisle on Vocals and Jake Garland on drums at least, Callan Orr on guitar and even Chris Shaw

Are there are any particular projects or causes you would like to raise attention about?

Our EP that was released today on 6/9 called Devoid is hands down our best work yet! We’d like everyone to check it out or follow our YouTube Channel to check out our lyric videos for it or it can be found on Spotify.

Listen to more: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | iTunes | Spotify

Quick fire questions, now, and this one is becoming a favourite on Delirious Antidotes – what colour socks are you wearing?


Main course or dessert?

Main course

What do you prefer: recording music or playing live?

Recording (slightly)

Collectively, how many tattoos do you have as a band?

At least 12 haha

What about piercings?

Not many, just two

What form of public transport do you prefer?

Walking or subway

Remember that you can check out S2E’s EP ‘Devoid’ now, and the other interviews at Delirious Antidotes; you can also contact if you are interested in being interviewed for this blog. Thank you again to Matt; it was a great pleasure to interview you!

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