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Blogging is a lot about creating and sharing your own content; it’s considered, by many, an art form, because of the strenuous effort and lengthy time bloggers spend refining their words. But, blogging can be just as much about curating and sharing other’s work as it can be about creating your own.

I decided to share some of my favourite finds from the internet – blog posts, music, ect – and encourage you all to do so in the comment section. I started this up two Sundays ago and feel that a link-up on this blog would be beneficial to everyone.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite posts throughout the WordPress blogging community from the past week, alongside a recap of all of the posts that have been posted on this here blog since Monday.

Fight Back // If a person opposed to abortion, they are legally allowed to get up close to a women and shout abuse at them on their way into a clinic because the first amendment to the United States Constitution protects the freedom of speech but you ought to be careful about protesting against police brutality or the murder of a black man because you’re likely to have tear gas fired at you. Likewise, you can expect police brutality and a media blackout if you ever start a peaceful march in opposition to a government that the majority of the country opposed to and a political system as unfair as “first past the post”. 

Burn, baby // She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out a cardboard packet; worn and torn to the point that the warning painted yellow had faded to an off-white. With shaking fingers, she pulled out a cigarette and proceeded to light it, pressing it against her lips.

Sound Heal Me // Everything has a sound and vibration; a resonance. It is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates and each part of our bodies also have one. Vibrational medicine, or sound therapy, is based on the concept that disease is a result of natural resonances getting out of tune – whether this be due to stress, illness or environmental factors.

Mr Smith // Mr Smith are a five piece British band and, established over ten years ago, they’re still going strong. Not only are they musicians but they’re innovators too. They are the first band to ever have released all of their music through a free smartphone app.

Love-Hate // Sometimes in life we experience things that cause us discomfort or displeasure and we often associate these things with negative connotations as they become something we have an intense dislike towards. More often than not, we consider these to be things we “hate”.

Lancaster // Lancaster is an upcoming five piece rock band from Barcelona but their sound has been described as feeling very “at home in the current British rock scene.” Fortunate enough to have played gigs worldwide and even have upcoming shows supporting All Time Low and Lower Than Atlantis, Lancaster were kind enough to offer me an interview with vocalist Anth Alonso.

Beat Back the Blogging Blues // The blogging wells run dry for us all from time to time. There’s regular ol’ “I can’t think of anything to say” writer’s block, when you want to blog but can’t — we’ve written about that before. And then there’s a deeper sense of blogging ennui, when you don’t even want to log in and wonder if it’s time to throw in the blogging towel.

What Does it Mean To Sin? // Quite literally, a list sourced from the Christian bible, amongst other holy texts, listed over 600 acts that are classified as ‘sins’. Below is a sample of 50 of them, so for those of you who think that I’m wrong, and that not everyone is a sinner, and for those of you who don’t, here’s the challenge: Work your way through the list, counting up how many sins you are guilty of and see how much, or how little, of a sinner you really are.

In your head or above it? // My family believes lives as per as horoscope predictions. When you throw tantrums at home for no real reason and your parents instead of giving you one flat handprint across your butt-cheeks like normal Indian parents says ‘It’s okay, it’s just an awful time for you as per as the horoscope so we know you don’t mean it’, it doesn’t creep you out at ALL. Right?

150 DIY Ways to Market Your Book // I am asked quite often the best ways to market a book. The most frequent questions I get revolve around making it as cheap as possible yet capable of reaching the widest audience. For that, here is a list of 150 DIY ways to market a book. I’ll do another blog post next week with some more marketing options. Stay tuned! And most importantly, put it to use.

No One Could Have Told Me

Moving Out

Over the past week, these have been my favourite songs:


If there’s stuff you’ve discovered – or created – over the past week. Paste the URL in the comment section below to share and check out the other links in the comments.

Link-Up Rules

  • Do not post more than three URL’s per comment.
  • If you’re posting, try and check out other people’s links.
  • Make conversation where possible. 🙂



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