As a blogger, I know all too well the feeling of writing a post that you’re really proud of and not getting the feedback or response you expected or hoped for. The world of marketing – especially when your only experience is from within the blogosphere – is a tricky place to be. Personal plugging (self-promotion) is shameless. Sometimes. The trick is knowing when are where it is. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places on the internet where you can be free to plug your own work.

I decided to share some of my favourite finds from the internet – blog posts, music, ect – and encourage you all to do so in the comment section. I started this up last Sunday and feel that a link-up on this blog would be beneficial to everyone.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite posts throughout the WordPress blogging community from the past week, alongside a recap of all of the posts that have been posted on this here blog since Monday.

Luke Potter // May 23rd 2015. I was with a group of friends at a local two-day music festival when I first heard of Luke Potter.

Maths is trending on twitter… // Reports were released late May that the new maths GCSE papers would be rewritten after being found too difficult. Having sat the Edexcel Non-Calculator Exam just a few hours ago, I fear they might have forgotten to rewrite the second half. And I’m not alone.

Supernova // This is a work of creative fiction, created for the prompt: space.

Ollie Wade // Ollie Wade is an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter. His website states that he “has been involved in music since a young age and self-developed a loyal fan base who enjoy Ollie’s unique interactivity with them.”

My Own Space // Statistically, according to the demographic in the United Kingdom – in which I was born and raised and remarkably still live – there is a space within my life which should be occupied by one point four siblings.

Recruitment Posters for My Husband’s Band

Adding Words. // A picture speaks a thousand words – so goes the saying. It’s with that in mind that I am taking a new approach to writing prompts.

Dogs Don’t Like Me // You know, it’s tough. We all just want to be liked. People just want to be themselves, without judgment. And yet despite all that, the word “hate” still exists.

You Should Definitely Hire Me // I have a job interview tomorrow. For a full time position at a library. This is a big deal. I am still in school working to get my MLS degree.

Mind The Gap

Over the past week, these have been my favourite songs:


If there’s stuff you’ve discovered – or created – over the past week. Paste the URL in the comment section below to share and check out the other links in the comments.

Link-Up Rules

  • Do not post more than three URL’s per comment.
  • If you’re posting, try and check out other people’s links.
  • Make conversation where possible. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Now”

  1. Thank you so much for linking to Mind the Gap!! This is such a great idea, I’ll definitely try to set one up next Sunday!
    P.S. I haven’t heard of all those songs you mentioned, but The Reckless and the Brave is one of my favourite ATL songs! Good choice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem; and thank you! It’d be great to see you participate.

      P.S. Oh, mine too! Although my favourite ATL songs change far too often, I just can’t make up my mind… You should definitely check out some of the songs I featured this week though – and last week’s too, if you get the chance (I think you might like more of them).

      Liked by 1 person

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