Luke Potter

May 23rd 2015. I was with a group of friends at a local two-day music festival when I first heard of Luke Potter.

Guitar in hand, he took to the stage and performed an array of covers and original songs. Later, I managed to grab his business card and was handed his EP, ‘One Day’ .

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Luke Potter has been establishing his name in the music industry for a number of years now. In 2011, Music Week selected him as one of their ten favourite new talents, commenting that “Luke’s songs are beautiful.” This seems to be a common conception with Promo Only stating that it’s “exciting hearing such a fresh new and exciting talent like Luke” and commenting that “it’s perfect for US radio”.

“We’re Alive”, Luke’s debut radio single, impacted several stations on the East Coast during the summer of 2012, having top 30 airplay in both Boston and San Francisco with video rotation at Hard Rock Cafes (“Great video”) around the world.

Both the EP ‘One Day’ – released in January 2013 – and the ‘So Sugar’ album (CD, iTunes and all digital stores) – released in November 2014 – were met with a great critical reaction, as presented by the number of reviews given.

It wasn’t long before I first heard of Luke that I decided to contact him with an interview proposition. Between his busy schedule, he agreed, and it went something like this:

Thank you for agreeing to this interview Luke; have you got any opening words?

Umm…hi! To anyone who has just started reading this! 🙂

You’re a musician. How did you get into music?

I have always been surrounded by music, from a young age I can remember listening to lots of different styles! My dad was in a band so I’ve always been influenced by him! However i was 17 before I decided it was what I wanted to do.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everything around me, my experiences, my friends, my good days my bad days, my heart breaks and sometimes my experience of falling in love!

Do you remember when you found your talents?

I started working for a fast food restaurant as a cleaner when I was about 16, and I can always remember being naughty trying to find a quiet space where I could sing and write lyrics, rather than actually doing my job! Haha! I was always the same in college, I was never motivated to hand in my course work, just motivated to write good lyrics! So I would say 16!

Of your own songs and covers, which is your favorite?

That’s a tough question, I think I’m proud of every song that I’ve written however I can definitely see the growth in each and every song. Every single song had a story and a meaning behind it, so I guess I would say it all depends on the mood I’m in! I think my fave cover song to perform would be ‘Love Me Like You Do‘.

What’s your favourite album by another artist?

Jimmy Eat World (P.S. You should definitely check these guys out.)

A band called ‘Jimmy Eat World’. I love their album ‘Futures’.

What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

Probably a nursery rhyme! Haha, maybe baba black sheep!

If you could choose a maximum of three, minimum of one, who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

My biggest musical influence has to be ‘The Goo Goo Dolls’.

Quick fire questions, now. If you hadn’t been born in this century, when and where would you like to have lived?

The future 😉 in New York!

What form of public transport do you prefer?


Weapon of choice?

Rocket Launcher!

Do you believe in ghosts?


It is hard to believe that “So Sugar” is Luke Potter’s debut CD. Potter has mastered the pop genre with inspired writing, clever hooks, brilliant vocals – wrapped in a well produced experience.
Bear Radio Network review for ‘So Sugar’ – November 2014

What colour socks are you wearing?

Right now, I’m drinking a coffee in my chewbacka onesie! [He wanted me to add that he wasn’t wearing socks. ;)]

Thank you again, Luke, do you have any parting words?

Party on dudes! 😂


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