The grey light of the morning spills through your window but, with ease, you can turn over and pull the duvet up beneath your chin; it’s a Sunday morning.

Traditionally, a Sunday is a day to relax, reflect and unite; sleep, drink, eat. Keeping with this, it feels apt to reflect on the past week throughout the blogosphere and, generally, the internet.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite posts throughout the WordPress blogging community from the past week, alongside a recap of all of the posts that have been posted on this here blog since Monday.

Snowflakes and people, alike
At night, the sky is a blank canvas made imperfect by the stars; but we find this awe inspiring. Paint is made imperfect by the pigments of other colours, yet it has the power to create works of wonder. Your skin is scattered with freckles; beautiful.

Of Blog Post Titles
Thus, blog post titles are like advertising. It is a promise but, also a tease.

The Principles of Design: Color Harmony
Colors can be very powerful. They stir up our emotions, convey personal and cultural messages, and set the mood. A bright red can shout “Stop!” while a deep blue can be calming and quiet. While individual colors say a lot on their own, most of what we see in the world involves more than one color. The way those colors work together is called color harmony.

ULTIMATE Level of Pathetic
Pathetic is as pathetic does.

Handing my manuscript over to my beta readers was not as daunting as I expected. I’ll admit, the first time I hit “send,” there were a few deep breaths and a bit of nail biting, but then it was a matter of sitting back and waiting for the feedback.

All Black Lives Matter: seeking justice for Sheku Bayoh
Sheku Ahmed Tejan Bayoh, a Sierra Leonean man, died on 3rd May 2015, after being arrested by police in Kirkcaldy, Fife. He had been detained, handcuffed, pepper-sprayed, and put in leg restraints following an alleged altercation with a police officer. It is alleged that Mr Bayoh was wielding a knife, although this has not been proven.

As an avid music listener, my taste varies greatly. Over the past week, these have definitely been my favourite songs:


If there’s stuff you’ve discovered – or created – over the past week. Paste the URL in the comment section below to share and check out the other links in the comments.

Link-Up Rules

  • Do not post more than three URL’s per comment.
  • If you’re posting, try and check out other people’s links.
  • Make conversation where possible. 🙂



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  1. This is a great idea, thanks for the tip to come and visit and share! For those of you that are searching for writing inspiration and haven’t seen it yet, I am running a new flash fiction prompt every Wednesday, called Literary Lion. The first prompt is coming tomorrow, and I’m very excited to see what everyone comes up with after seeing the challenge. For more info you can visit me here… http://ismithwords.com/2015/05/27/roar/ 🙂

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