Snowflakes and people, alike

At night, the sky is a blank canvas made imperfect by the stars; but we find this awe inspiring. Paint is made imperfect by the pigments of other colours, yet it has the power to create works of wonder. Your skin is scattered with freckles; beautiful.

In the society we live in, perfection is something people all too often strive towards without comprehending that there isn’t a definition of perfection, and so it cannot be met; if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perfection is defined in thousands of different ways. Likewise, one person’s personality will not be defined as perfect to a person who has different preferences whereas it might be to another.

No two snowflakes are alike yet each are adapted to their purpose; they travel, fitting perfectly along their path, and are damaged and molded to travel in it’s respective direction. Alike, people travel down their own paths and are molded so that, at every point, they are perfect for something or someone.

Like beauty, I believe that perfection is in the eye of the beholder, hence we can never truly “reach” it. If you’re always going to be perfect for some purpose – just notĀ allĀ purposes – it makes sense to me to embrace any “imperfections” you might have and to find peace in the fact that your imperfections is what, often, make you perfect or beautiful.

This is an attempt at free writing. I have used a muse and written from it. It may not follow a logical structure or be written in great prose, but that is the beauty of just writing. If you found this post thought provoking in any way, please leave a comment down below or consider sharing or liking.


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