Sam is Balfour

11169838_1718923151668454_1535747751840148296_nSam Posener, or, Sam is Balfour. The chances are, you haven’t heard his name yet. I hadn’t either, until the beginning of May when I heard this innovative cover of Vance Joy’s Riptide.

The 20 year old guitarist and producer from London describes his daily routine as “making noises on my laptop in my room whilst professionally missing lectures” but I think it’s much more than that – and, if it’s not, we should all get into making noises on our laptops and missing lectures.

Listen to more: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tradiio | Twitter

I was honoured to be able to catch a quick interview with Sam and delve deeper into the life of the upcoming musician. It went a little like this:

First off, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Have you got any opening words?

Thanks for having me dude!

At what point and for what reasons did you first get into music?

At school they forced us to take up an instrument in year 4. I chose double bass. Then after I saw that film School of Rock, I had to start getting guitar lessons. I haven’t been able to stop playing since.

If you could choose a maximum of three, minimum of one, who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Chet Faker

Aaaaah they change every week man. Recently I’ve been digging Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I also discovered Chrome Sparks and Ben Khan this week and they’ve both inspired me massively.

To be honest, I wouldn’t say that they are my long-term influences so much as they are who is currently inspiring me… Maybe they’ll become long-term influences.

In light of that I’m gunna be naughty and exceed the limit to get those guys in. I gotta say: Hendrix, Andy McKee and Chet Faker. Hendrix taught me to play with feeling, McKee taught me a better sense of melody, and Chet showed me that there’s no point making music that’s been made before. You can make what you want to make.

Of your own tracks and covers, which is your favourite?

If I had to say… Chant & Riptide. I’m yet to put out a tune that I think reeaally sounds like how I’m trying to sound. Everything so far has been a bit of an experiment as I’m finding my feet as a producer. I’m getting closer.

When and why did you decide to take music up as a profession?

Haha well I’m not making any money yet so I’m not sure that I have. But as it happens it is what I want to do with my life. I never really made the decision… I just kept doing it because I love it, and there’s nothing that I love to do more. I really don’t want to have to stop.

What is one fact that barely any people know about you?

Hmmmmmmmm, well I started a vegan diet about a week ago and I’ve not really told many people.

When did you discover your talents?

I’m not sure that I’m more talented than anyone else, only that I am more passionate. I actually started out pretty tone-deaf and had to learn my way out of that. Developing a real sense of melody was also a phase I had to go through. The passion makes me spend my time working and improving which makes me look talented I guess!

Where do you find inspiration?

Music maaaaaan. Good good music that either makes me go, ‘How’d they do that!?’ or just feel good.

Quick fire round, chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Neither bro. Vegan life. (I always preferred vanilla.)

Morning, noon or night?


Which form of public transport do you prefer?

London tube

What colour socks are you wearing?

The left one is blue with some mad bright green/orange/yellow/pink hoops round the toes and heel. The right one is a little white ankle sock.

I gotta put a wash on lol

What is the worst chat up line you’ve ever heard?

Not sure I’ve got an answer for this one…!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Maybe dude. My Grandpa has told me some mad stories.

Thank you again, Sam, do you have any parting words?

Only to keep on the look out on the FB and SoundCloud for a new EP before the turn of the year 🙂 and thanks for reaching out for the interview Sophia!

Thanks for the interview, Sam, and thank you if you read this post. Be sure to check out Sam and keep up to date with his work via SoundcloudFacebookTradiio and Twitter.

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