Finding Your Inner Peace

Sunny at the sea side

The world is silent all apart from the drumming of the rain’s fingertips at your window. The darkness is punctured by the warm glow of the street lamp as you stand by the window, half disguised by the shadows. Sometimes, being alone has a way of being sobering but, more often than not, it seems to be something we try to escape.

We build busy schedules and plan to have company whenever and wherever we can, as if we are afraid of being alone. It’s not until we are actually alone with ourselves and our thoughts that we might realise the benefits of being alone sometimes, among the dangers. It might be true that beneath our facades and within our minds lie demons that we do not want to confront, demons that appear only when we are alone, but we are best able to drown these demons and cleanse our minds when we give ourselves the time, space and environment to do so. Being alone allows us a pure environment away from distraction and one that we can fully immerse ourselves into. To find ourselves is often a journey of solitude and one that we must stop our fear of being alone thwarting us from succeeding in.

Being alone does not always consist of dwelling in a dark room, although some people may find this a purifying experience, but it could mean venturing into the countryside or embarking on an adventure of some sort. It could be twenty minutes lying with your eyes shut and playing music through your headphones, or it could be a thirty day pilgrimage. Being alone works in different ways for different people but the most important distinction between the type of alone that is desirable and the type of alone that is not is that, to find peace in being alone, you should be alone but not lonely.


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6 thoughts on “Finding Your Inner Peace”

  1. It’s interesting- I used to love being alone and now it’s just difficult. I think the situation just serves to prove this post’s point though, haha.

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking that valuable time. It means a lot.

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  2. Being alone is a personality trait, and it cannot be handled by just anyone!!! I have experienced it myself almost all the time but we have to learn one thing from it, we need to be comfortable with that fact, the more alone you are, the better you become spending time with yourself!!!! Great post!!!! 🙂

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