A Universal Paradox

A Universal Paradox

In response to Cause, Meet Effect

A Universal Paradox

A Universal ParadoxA decision can be made in a brief moment and paid for in the moments that remain and it’s true that one cannot escape the banquet of consequences surely awaiting them; however small or however dire, they’re inevitable. We are free to choose our actions but we are not free to choose the consequences that follow. Just remember that, whilst enjoyment passes, consequences last.

Every action, however minor, has an effect; a consequence. Staying up late might cause one to sleep in; watching a news broadcast on a morning might have an effect of putting one in a negative mood; writing a good post could lead to being “freshly pressed”. Some consequences are positive, others not so. Whatever you do has consequences. The scariest thing is that doing nothing has consequences too. 

What obvious consequence can you find to an action? What consequences have you experienced which might have made you wish you could go back and change an action? Let me know in the comments and remember to give this post a “like”! Thank you!


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