Why You Should Collaborate With A Fellow Artist

typewriterFor years, my ambition has been to write a book. I have participated in a number of NaNoWriMo’s and started over a dozen books, only ever finishing one. Sometimes, it can be draining to try but to no avail. When you’ve tried (and failed) so many times, your enthusiasm can begin to deteriorate.

Recently, my best friend came to me with the idea of collaborating on a novel or book. I had always wanted to write a collaborative book but, naturally, I was skeptical. I work well on my own: I know what I want and how I do things and I proved before that my systems work, however unreliably.

Despite this, I was still enthusiastic about the idea of working with someone else. Not long into our project, I can already tell you that collaborating with another person (no matter what your art is) is a great way to find your muse (remember when mine went missing?)

Here are three of the reasons I’ve found so far:

Creative Differences

At first, I thought it would be more difficult to work with someone who wrote in a different genre, tense, and person to me; someone who’s style was miles from my own. Despite my initial thoughts, these creative differences give us both the potential to stretch and challenge ourselves, therefore bettering our writing and our story.

Different Ideas

The worst thing, I’m sure most writers would agree, is when you are short of ideas but have the urge to write. For me, this happens far too often. When there are two minds working together, ideas are much more easily forged and it is found that each writer bounces of each others ideas. Not only is this healthy in developing as a writer, this is healthy for the story too.


It’s easy to give up when you are on your own. You’re completing your work for yourself and that means there’s no time limit, either. It’s easy to lack inspiration and lose motivation but, when there’s that extra person cheering – or kicking – you on, it gives you that little extra boost you might need to finish writing that final chapter of the first draft.

Personally, I’m incredibly excited to see where this collaboration takes me. It’s an exciting new concept that I’m keen to explore and I can see already that it’ll challenge and help me develop as both a team worker and a writer. What are your views on collaborative books? As a writer, have you ever collaborated with someone before? If so, how was it? If not, would you like to? As a reader, do you find it uncomfortable or refreshing to read a story written by multiple authors? Let me know in the comment section.



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