Wearing Your Own Skin

Whether we like it or not, the majority of people live their lives to please others, rather than themselves. We are driven by people’s perceptions of us and are seldom content with what we look like and expressing the person we are.

What do they think about me? It’s a question I’ve asked myself thousands of times, and I’m sure you have also. The truth is, most of us do not want to know the answer because we are convinced it will not reassure us. The other part of us cannot resist the curiosity and we often find ourselves expressing this question aloud to others.

There was a time in the lives of every person who thinks of this question where they were not dictated by these thoughts. The likelihood of it is that we cannot, unfortunately, remember that time. In fact, we were young children and the fact that our self-esteem begins to deteriorate at all as we grow older is heartbreaking.

Often, these insecurities derive from peer pressure and social conformities. This, I’m convinced, is why there has been such a rise in the amount of teenagers suffering with insecurities concerning the person they are and, more often, the way they look. 95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 to 25. And, despite popular belief, it’s not just women who experience such insecurities. In fact, a survey in the UK found that four out of five men confess to being unhappy about their body. Thirty-five percent of respondents admitted that they would trade a year of their life in order to achieve their ideal body weight or shape.

This is why I have come together with some of my friends to raise awareness about being comfortable in your own body: specifically, the way you look, but also your inner confidence. I present to you the Teen Body Image Campaign 2014. Despite the fact that we are aiming our campaign at teenagers, we urge people from all ages to get involved as these issues can and do affect every type of person.

On Friday night, we took to social media to set up our campaign as apart of our school coursework. By the end of yesterday evening, we had long passed 200 likes and 70 participants. This is evidence that people are passionate about this cause. I am asking you to also get involved.

We are targeting social media and getting the hashtag #TBICampaign2014 trending. We are urging you to take a selfie and upload it to any social network (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, deviantART, ect) and hashtag it with #TBICampaign2014. We then ask you to nominate a couple of your friends to do so too.

By doing this, we hope to encourage you to be confident with yourself and show examples to others of confident men and women.

Overwhelmed by the response so far, I am asking WordPress to take on the challenge also. Please get involved in any way you can: participate, spread the word, share. Any form of involvement with be hugely appreciated.


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